The Employee Experience Platform

Employee Onboarding & Learning Experience Platform

We help enterprises do two things


Automate the entire Employee Onboarding program and use data to recommend information + people through the new hire journey.

Personalize the
Learning Experience

Aggregate all the systems where learning content lives and let Tydy help your workforce discover learning that makes sense to them.

Everyday, we partner with enterprises across 50+ countries to enable their global workforce

Sanofi Employee Onboarding
AB-InBev employee relationship management
HBC Employee Onboarding
Powering Unilever Employee Onboarding

What is EX?

EX or Employee Experience (EX) is the sum of everything an employee experiences and learns through the organization they work for. The Employee Experience (EXP) Platform integrates with systems and sources of content to personalize their growth and learning in the organization.

Why Tydy EXP?

Tydy delivers what no other content or learning management system has been able to do before. Instead of asking your employees to go filter for the information they need, Tydy aggregates content & information from multiple systems to recommend what the employee should do.

Tydy ensures your employees are empowered to perform at their peak. Always.

Products that enable your global workforce

The Tydy Enablement Cloud understands your employees' needs and surfaces content & connections at just the right time.

Personalized Onboarding

Deliver a new hire experience that only surfaces the content needed through various phases of the onboarding journey.

Sales & Support Enablement

Empower your sales & support teams to sell better, retain training more and find the subject matter experts within minutes.

Factory Floor Enablement

Ensure that your key programs like EHS, trainings, apprenticeships and more are delivered and retained by your workforce.

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Compliance & Knowledge Retention

An often ignored topic is how much of information is retained after a compliance training program is completed.

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