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through bite-sized and gamified employee onboarding, manager onboarding, compliance and business training programs.
Tydy helps you 10x your current process. We pick up your existing process and training documents and convert it in to bite-sized content. Tydy then understands each employee and personalizes the whole process for that individual. Automatically. At scale. And always ensuring your culture powers your workforce.
Personalization drives the Employee Xperience
Ryan, it's already Day 10! How was your first week at work?
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Benefits: Educational scholarships for children
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Employee Onboarding
Personalized & bite-sized onboarding for your new hires, managers, contract workers, mobility campaigns and more.
Business Training
Tools to create bite-sized learning for managers, leaders, compliance, product and your business specific content with a specific focus on retention.
Everyday, we partner with enterprises across 50+ countries to enable their global workforce
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