Automation for Employee Onboarding & Employee Offboarding.

Tydy is an automation & experience platform that brings people and systems together for Employee Onboarding, Training, Employee Transitions, Global Mobility and Offboarding.




man hours saved per company


employee docs uploaded

Personalize the employee experience.
With a unified interface

A personalized experience for every employee. At scale. At the click of a button. Available on any device.

Automate & digitize workflows.
From employee onboarding to offboarding

Use Tydy's library of Employee Experience (EX) automations to bring people and systems together.
Automate data flows, notifications, escalations, verification flows, reminders and system sync. 

The leaders have made the shift

Sandeep Abraham from Unilever HR
Sandeep Abraham 
People Experience & Operations Director at Unilever

Launching a platform such as Tydy was the first of its kind in Unilever. The degree of personalization is what is most impressive about Tydy. It knows who I am and produces content relevant to me. 

As an outcome, after just 6 months in production, we had seen 9000+ man hours saved and a 65% decrease in first year attrition which is very impressive indeed! In addition, we are seeing engagement levels at above 85% and also receiving great testimonials from our new hires on how differentiated Unilever is for launching such a platform. All in all, I must say, that Tydy has truly been a game changer! 

Automation + Personalized Interface

Tydy is the ONLY platform that gives your teams the power of automations and a beautiful and personalized interface in one solution. 

Your employees are valuable to your company's success - but most of the time, they are grappling with processes and systems.

Your differentiation will lie in delivering an experience that automates the mundane and personalizes the growth for each individual. 

And our mission is to eliminate the mundane and make the employee journey intelligent and delightful using automation and personalization.

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The World's First Digital Onboarding Summit

Tydy played host to the World's first Digital Onboarding Summit featuring prominent speakers from the largest brands globally. Hear them talk about how automation in their Onboarding processes drives strategic digital transformation, employee experience and cost saving agendas globally.