The complete new hire experience, on one platform
Tydy is a mobile-first, automated & paper-less onboarding platform. With it, you can effectively attract, engage & retain your new hires.

Tydy is not just another HR Software.

Tydy is redefining the employee experience.

We rebuilt the new hire experience from the ground up. Until now, the candidate engagement, preboarding & onboarding processes have been largely manual and seen only from the eyes of the organization.

Tydy changes the paradigm by creating an enjoyable & beautiful experience for the new hire, while bringing automation and real-time analytics for the organization.

And Tydy gives your team superpowers to welcome new hires in a fast, fun and delightful way.

Make the Automation + Human model work for you.

Tydy automates the delivery of the right content, tasks, documents and events to new hires. And, our Customer Success team works with you to produce the best content, engagement models & new hire flows.

You care about Retention. So do we.

The new hire experience is, perhaps, one of the most strategic processes for your organization. It determines whether a new hire sticks with you beyond his/her 1st year anniversary. Let Tydy make sure your new hires become succesful and retained colleagues that you will have the pleasure of working with for a long time.

Track your ROI like a hawk.

You have invested in shortlisting really promising candidates - now make sure they actually join and stay with you for a long time. With Tydy, you can be sure that your recruitment dollars are not sunk costs - with a real-time dashboard that shows you what you need to know.

"The generational gap is becoming a reality as engaging with younger talent differs from what was. Careers are more dynamic and younger talent has more expectations than previous generations. HR strategies will need to allow for flexibility to engage this new generation."

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Brings everyone together. On one platform

For the first time, Tydy brings your HR team, recruiters, hiring manager & the new hire on the same platform. With automated notifications, tasks lists and dashboards - Tydy helps you build the best & most complete onboarding process for your new hires.

Configure complete onboarding flows in minutes

Configure onboarding flows for each team, location or group and set it on autopilot. Every time a new employee is added, Tydy will manage the flow and report back on the status.

And what's more, Tydy provides you with pre-defined modules that can easily be inserted in to your onboarding flows - making life easy!

Preset modules, documents, tasks, messages, pulse surveys and more

Tydy gives you the freedom to send different types of content, build survey programs and even create completely actionable messages that are part of a workflow.

Get Insights for HR, Manager & New Hire

With Tydy’s data engine, you get insights for all roles in the onboarding process.
HR teams & C-Suite get the most current pulse of the organization and the new hire status.
With team-based insights, Hiring Managers get involved in ensuring a faster path to productivity for their new hires.
New hires get insights in to their early performance & possible career path.

No developers required & it's built for any device

Tydy gives your organization a powerful employee engagement platform that can be consumed on any device. No development & no coding required. Everything is ready for you to deploy. And your employees will love the freedom to choose where they can access it from.

Getting started with Tydy is easy. And we bring the capabilities of automation and an experienced team that will make sure your new hire process is a 5-star process.