Give your new hires the best welcome experience
Increase first-year retention. Speed up time to productivity. Get data to recruit smarter.

HR get automation & business insights. Hiring Managers get visibility & insights into team performance. New hires get success metrics and a beautiful welcome experience.

Powerful engagement tools

Transform your preboarding, onboarding & retention processes into an automated experience. It's as easy as enabling the modules you want for your new hires. Simplify!

Configure onboarding flows in minutes

Configure onboarding flows for each team, location or group and set it on autopilot. Every time a new employee is added, Tydy will manage the flow and report back on the status.

And what's more, Tydy provides you with pre-defined modules that can easily be inserted in to your onboarding flows - making life easy!

Insights to accurately understand the pulse of your organization

Create a culture of high engagement through feedback. With Tydy's survey & pulse engine, your employees get quick & easy-to-respond surveys every few weeks. No more long drawn surveys sent out once a year.
And what's more, the analytics engine will give you insights in to what your organization is feeling.

No developers required & it's built for any device

Tydy gives your organization a powerful employee engagement platform that can be consumed on any device. No development & no coding required. Everything is ready for you to deploy. And your employees will love the freedom to choose where they can access it from.

Let's get started and give your new hires a 5-star welcome experience!