From Employee Onboarding to Offboarding

When it comes to onboarding, offboarding & people processes, your team spends 50% of their time doing manual tasks.

But, the leading brands benefit from DigitizationAutomation & Personalization of People Processes…


man hours saved per company


reduction in employee turnover


ROI per deployment

Tydy solves the problem...

The problem that every single employee faces. How can I be more efficient? 

Who should I know, what systems do I need to log in to and for what, what data is required of me and when, how do I grow in this organization, how do I give feedback and learn from it?

Start with Digitization. 

Capture what's needed. When it's needed.

Whether it's your onboarding form, timely feedback, manager check-ins or integration with other systems, Tydy gives your workforce the easiest way to digitize data and use it to automate workflows. 

Gone are the days of multiple data entry requirements, tracking using Excel sheets and hours of filling up forms over and over and over again. 

Automate using pre-baked workflows. 

Code-less Automation. 

Yes, with Tydy, you get HR & IT that just works. Tydy connects employee data across all the systems and stakeholders. Seamlessly.  

Digitization of data makes it easy to deliver automated onboarding campaigns, notifications to key contacts, data sync to other systems, deliver flowers at the new hire's doorstep and just about anything else you can imagine. 

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Personalize the journey.

Tydy is automation that also delivers a great user experience.

Using smart profiles, segmentation and targeting information, Tydy guides each individual through completely personalized and automated Onboarding, Knowledge Management, Check-In's and Offboarding

Say goodbye to clutter and "knowledge portals".

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Hear from the leaders

Launching a platform such as Tydy was the first of its kind in Unilever. The degree of personalization is what is most impressive about Tydy. It knows who I am and produces content relevant to me. 

As an outcome, after just 6 months in production, we had seen 9000+ man hours saved and a 65% decrease in first year attrition which is very impressive indeed! In addition, we are seeing engagement levels at above 85% and also receiving great testimonials from our new hires on how differentiated Unilever is for launching such a platform. All in all, I must say, that Tydy has truly been a game changer! 

Sandeep Abraham 
People Experience & Operations Director at Unilever
Sandeep Abraham from Unilever HR

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Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

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The Tydy Startup Program works with leading startup brands from around the world to bring Automation to Onboarding & Offboarding to their processes. 


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