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Orchestration & Automation

Tydy connects all your enterprise systems, manual and offline processes to create a single platform to orchestrate and manage your people process.


Simplify your processes with one platform that brings all your people data together

Your people data is scattered across multiple systems - both online and offline and with internal & external sources. Vendors for background verification, disparate systems for benefits, performance, payroll and more - we understand the frustration.

Tydy integrates across all your systems & data sources, where ever they might be and automates the entire process with zero manual intervention. Yes, it works like magic!


Automate your HR process across multiple systems

Tydy's workflow manager gives you the power to set up HR programs once and let them run on autopilot for each employee.

Manage employee onboarding, learning programs, notifications, tasks, content, data capture and much more through the one platform.


Drive business results & increase retention

Tydy gives you real-time insights in to the performance of teams, managers, employees and the organization as a whole.

And with predictive analytics, you will know who is potentially dropping off and who might be on the way to being a top performer at your enterprise.

The State of Employee Onboarding - 2016

We strive to keep in touch with our users and understand the needs better. We reach out to employees, new hires and managers to understand their experiences and learn from it.

The State of Employee Onboarding 2016 is a study we conducted to understand what new hires felt were the good, bad and ugly in their onboarding processes.
We reached out to new hires from different types of organizations - large, mid-size, startups and across industries. The insights we have gathered here shed a lot of light on what organizations need to do to improve their own processes.

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