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Low-code workflow automation for Compliance, Verification and Onboarding
Employee Experience.

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Tydy unlocks the power of data for some of the best employer brands in the world.

We make work flow.

Decrease in employee attrition
Reduction in time spent on people ops
HR hours saved per year thanks to automation


Get things done, on time and at scale

  • Simplify workflows with templatized Actions - across compliance, verification and Employee Experience
  • Configurable form and doc capture modules to safely capture and access employee data
  • Increase collaboration across teams for faster process completion
  • Run automation across various regions and offices based on compliance requirements

Offer letter generation automated & simplified.

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“By the time we were testing and deploying it, the team and I could see the amount of effort and time it could save recruiters. I feel proud to have contributed to a project that has gone on to make life easier for so many people.”

Buvanraj V

Engineer at Tydy

Pre-employment medical checks made seamless.

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“I think busywork - work that keeps someone busy but has little value in itself - can be a huge hindrance for recruitment teams. To be able to eliminate that through modules that reduce manual work is important for improving the efficiency of your team and we’re happy to be doing that day in and day out at Tydy.”

Philip Koshy

Account Manager at Tydy

Unified EX

Deliver a better workplace experience

  • Create and deliver communications across HR, IT, admin & vendor teams
  • Deliver personalized experiences based on persona-based segmentation and targeting
  • Automate notifications, reminders & escalations to close the gap between communication & action
  • One place for each role to get all the information they need - from recruiter to manager to HR and IT


Visualize and discover hidden stories in your data

  • The most comprehensive view of every employee - all on one screen
  • A consolidated view of different types of data to see the whole story
  • Configurable dashboards and custom reports for smarter insights
  • Real-time view of data across systems for quick decision-making


Tydy captures all employee data and documents and sends this data downstream to update and maintain the system of record and setup payroll on ADP.


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Integrate Greenhouse with Tydy to automatically import candidate data and kickstart onboarding, asset allocation, payroll setup, provisioning, etc. No need to ask for the same information twice.


Explore our growing library of integrations.

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Integrate Okta with Tydy for secure identity management. With Okta you can automate employee ID creation and set up access controls during onboarding, transitions, and offboarding.

Access Management

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Oracle Fusion

Tydy captures all employee data and documents and sends this data downstream to update and maintain the system of record.


Explore our growing library of integrations.

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Tydy sends relevant banking information and employee data to set up payroll on Paychex.


Explore our growing library of integrations.

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Tydy integrates with ServiceNow so you can automatically create tickets to initiate employee asset allocation and other IT processes.

IT HelpDesk

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Explore our growing library of integrations.

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Connect and control everything.

You’ve got great workplace tools already. Now connect, sync and streamline data across all those different systems and apps. Because fragmented data means more manual work, less data security and more dependence on IT to get things done.

One place to see it all

With Tydy’s Unified Profile, you get a single consolidated view to see everything about every employee.

No more logging into multiple apps
No more Excel sheet consolidation
No more manual coordination
“We are getting great results for the investment we made into Tydy. Specifically in today’s scenario, the entire onboarding process is being managed digitally and has not stopped despite the pandemic. Onboarding with Tydy is one of the best digital processes at EXL. It has smoothened the entire recruitment process as well.”
Rakesh Kumar Image

Rakesh Kumar

VP Digital HR Transformation

"Tydy is one of the best digital processes at EXL"


“Tydy is a great product to automate your background check and onboarding processes. We automated several cumbersome processes for new hires. Integration with different systems has made operations easy. Employees' productivity has been enhanced."

Geetika Agarwal

Vice President Information Technology and Services

"Employee productivity has been enhanced"


“While we initially thought of solving for just the onboarding process, after complete implementation of Tydy’s integrated version, we have been able to streamline not only the onboarding process but also end-to-end recruitment and HR operation processes.”

Manish Sharan

Senior DGM, Human Resource, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE)

"Reduced onboarding time from 2 hours to 15 minutes."


“Launching an onboarding platform such as Tydy was the first of its kind in Unilever. The degree of personalization is what is most impressive about Tydy. After just 6 months in production, we saw a 65% decrease in first year attrition which is very impressive indeed! ”
A picture of a man in a suit and tie.

Sandeep Abraham

Ex-Global Head, Core HR, Unilever

"We saw a 65% decrease in first-year attrition"


"It's been a good experience. Recruiter and Shared Services work has been reduced drastically from an Onboarding point of view. Our candidates are engaged via quizzes and pre-read material. All necessary documentation is available in one place."

Somnath Roy

Manager - Human Resources Technology

"Recruiter work has been reduced drastically"


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