Build a performance-driven organization

Tydy gives you one platform to manage the performance of your team - from onboarding to on-going feedback & analytics.

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One app to onboard and engage your employees. Resulting in faster time to productivity.

Tydy brings all onboarding, engagement, employee data & organizational communication in one app and one interface.

We take care of all the data requirements during onboarding a new hire - data capture, digital forms, data sync with other systems and every thing else in between. What's more, your new hires get one app to do all of this and receive all the communication and learning to start getting productive in the shortest time possible.

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Drive performance with continuous development of each individual

Your employees want regular goal-setting, check-ins with managers and feedback. No cumbersome yearly reviews. Tydy gives your organization the tools to manage a Performance Process built for today's workforce.

We make it dead-simple for managers to stay involved with quick interactions & built-in intelligent prompts.

Built for better manager-team relationships

We know how important the manager-team relationships are. Whether you are based in the same office or if the team is spread across multiple markets - Tydy is flexbile & customize-able for your team.

Tydy was built to help organizations like yours build truly performance-driven teams supported by the right culture and context for each individual in the team.

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