We help scale your culture and increase retention

Culture starts with your new hires and the employee onboarding experience. And scaling culture is an ongoing approach of understanding your teams and what's working for them. For the first time, manage all of this and more using just one solution. Welcome to Tydy.
Every day, enterprises around the world use Tydy to scale & nurture their culture and build a highly-engaged workforce.

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It all starts with understanding that your modern workforce wants more from you.

For a long time organizations have focused on efficiency over engagement. The base infrastructure to run an enterprise. CoreHR systems that make sure every thing runs smoothly.

However, your people are forcing you to shift focus. Status Quo is no longer acceptable. Executives & managers are being forced to think of solutions to engage and build culture that help retain employees.
of employees
stay for 3 years or more with better onboarding.
of employee salary
is the organizational cost of replacing an employee.

We help you re-define the employee onboarding experience for the modern workforce.

Build & run your entire employee onboarding process from one place. Our beautifully-designed platform and unmatched functionality help you build lasting relationships with your new hires.

Tydy's content engine contextualizes & personalizes the onboarding & learning experience for every single new hire. At scale. And, what's more - mundane processes like document collection, data capture, checklists and reminders are completely automated. Imagine that!

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Automate processes
Automate all the administrative & repetitive tasks to save time and money.
Engage through content
Create micro-content campaigns to engage the new hires through their journey.
Manage feedback
Run ongoing feedback campaigns to understand the employee sentiment and build the right culture.

And we help you keep a pulse on your teams. Be awesome 💯.

Relationships with your employees can be complex - but Tydy makes it simple for you to understand them with Feedback tools. Create feedback campaigns and keep track with sentiment analysis, pulse feedback campaigns and more.

Let us help you answer strategic questions like "What is the sentiment of my team?", "Who in my team is in danger of dropping off?", "What programs are working and what is not moving the bar?", "Has team sentiment changed over the last quarter?" and more.

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Tydy is not just software. It is a complete solution

Work with experts who understand your business and the modern workforce and let us help you create the best onboarding & ongoing feedback process for you.
Templates for onboarding engagement
Feedback templates for sentiment analysis, quarterly check-ins and more
Solutioning team that will work with you in creating engagement campaigns
Benchmarking your engagement with others
Best practice sharing that will help you build the best process
Seamlessly integrate with your HR Ops infrastructure - HRMS, Payroll, LMS and ATS
and more...

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