Drive productivity with personalized employee onboarding.

The power of personalized onboarding

Your new hires would like to be treated as individuals and not data points. With Tydy, personalization isn’t just a buzzword - it is used to tailor your employee experiences. It is used to drive productivity in your business.

Convert new hires to productive employees.

Optimize the new hire experience and drive productivity by analyzing user behavior.

Deliver the personalized experience on any device.

Mobile, desktop, tablet or what ever else comes up next .Tydy's got you covered.

Security that your enterprise demands.

With data encryption at rest, in-transit, data redundancy and more, you are covered with Tydy.

Templates to get you started in the shortest time possible.

Document templates, feedback templates, design templates and more. Get started quickly.

Bring together all your data, communication & information

Tydy connectors bring together information, content & data from multiple systems to ensure your new hires have the most personalized experience.

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Bajaj Finance Employee Onboarding
Sanofi Employee Onboarding
Powering Unilever Employee Onboarding

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