Small to Mid-size

For people teams that have to wear many hats

Manage your growing business with ease

Your own
brand team!

Get a full team of content experts to conceptualize, write, design and manage all your communications requirements every day.

A group of people gathered around a laptop.

Put people operations on auto-pilot

Whether you’re in-person, hybrid or remote, with 1-click processes from onboarding to offboarding, set it up once and let it run with minimal intervention.

A screen shot of a cell phone with the text ready to onboard and a.

Stay organized

Stop filing paperwork in physical files. Digitalize and consolidate all your people documents and data in one place.

A computer and a tablet displaying a job description.

One-app experience

Give your people all the information they need in one place. Whether it’s your employee handbook, company policy, training modules, get your people productive faster.

A computer screen with a login page on it.

Personalize without additional effort

With persona-based segmentation, create personalized and guided journeys which will reduce the load on HR considerably.

A series of three screens showing different types of information.

Intelligence, not dashboards

You don’t need to be a data expert or number cruncher to present smart insights. Make better decisions with an accurate and single source of data.

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