Bye Mark!

Offboarding is so much nicer with Tydy.

Your relationship with your employee doesn't need to end when they leave.

Leaving is hard, but We make it a little easier

Exit formalities

Give your exiting employee a voice and make offboarding a positive experience.

  • Evaluate your employee experience by running real-time pulse checks.

  • Capture contextual feedback with customized forms - this is the best time to get an honest review!

  • Ensure minimal paperwork with digital forms and e-signatures.

  • Automate offboarding tasks and send notifications and reminders to IT, Admin, payroll, etc.

check things off your offboarding checklist

Offboarding Journeys

Check off your offboarding to-do list while creating an experience they will always remember.

  • Deliver a well-planned and thoughtful offboarding journey.

  • Schedule and deploy important documents like reference letters and relieving documents.

  • Personalize the experience with custom data filters for different types of employees.

  • Standardize offboarding processes across all your offices and locations.

a clean exit into a future of possibilities

Manage access

Make sure you are tying up all the loose ends and showing them what’s coming up next!

  • Automatically revoke access to apps and tools to minimize security concerns.

  • Ensure your exiting employee has completed all assigned compliance tasks.

  • Open up access to your company’s alumni community.

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