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Employee data unified, in-sync AND secure.

We’ll be the tidiest part of your entire work day.

Unified Data


Unify employee data across all your HR, IT, Admin, Finance, and other SaaS apps

Data Standardization

Standardize and create a single data dictionary that aligns every app that needs employee data.

Secure Data Access

Complete control over who gets access to what data. Keep sensitive employee data secure.


Asset Allocation/Collection

Assign devices with the right images based on role, designation and location. Get notified when it’s time to collect.

Provisioning & De-provisioning

Set up access to the right apps based on different criteria. Switch off access at the time of exit.

Query and access your data

Automatically load your data into data warehouses/data lakes for analytics and custom queries.

IT Governance

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Mitigate risks and improve employee experience with a single set of credentials across multiple apps.


Error reports, Email activation reports, ID creation reports - all generated with a single click.

Data Compliance

Accelerate your data compliance with your GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Make your apps

work for you.