Your partner for all things People Data

Custom solutions for people-first enterprise companies.

Unify your entire workplace tech stack

Connect and consolidate fragmented and siloed data for a seamless employee experience and intelligent multi-system workflows.

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Put your people data to work

Reduce your operational overheads by doing more with less. Built-in and customizable automation for onboarding, compliance, vendor management, HR-IT sync, etc. will save you time and resources.

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Scale and personalize, seamlessly

Move faster with standardized processes across teams, business units and locations. But keep the personal touch with persona-based segmentation and targeting.

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Build a strong data foundation

Create a robust and clean data layer so you can stay agile and flexible to plug in new tools and integrations. Experiment and iterate quickly and efficiently.

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Keep your people data safe

With enterprise-grade, global data protection and security frameworks in place, Tydy is your centralized repository to safely capture and access employee data.

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Greater visibility than ever before

Get custom reports and analytics along with the most comprehensive view of every employee. Zoom into the details or zoom out to see the whole picture.

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Dedicated support team

Fast-track outcomes with Tydy’s expert guidance based on industry best case practices - from onboarding to offboarding.

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