Staying compliant has never been this convenient

Automate and run your entire background verification and compliance process with Tydy

Data and document management

One place to capture & manage employee data & docs

  • Capture data & documents directly from the employee based on global and regional compliance requirements.

  • Customize fields and create rules and business logic around them

  • Automatically validate data and flag insufficiencies to reduce completion time

  • One-click approval flows embedded within the data & document capture modules

Managed background verification

Quick and easy background checks

  • Build Rules that are specific to each region, project team, seniority or any such combo

  • Speed verification without the need to send it to vendors. (Available in some countries)

  • Route data & docs to internal teams & vendors - no more spreadsheets, emails or follow-ups!

  • Monitor overall vendor performance and reduce TAT times with intelligence

  • Generate Background Verification reports with a single click

  • Manage ongoing, internal mobility and yearly verification to stay compliant

  • Flag candidates for internal approval based on prespecified blacklisted criteria

Best Practice

Here’s how Tydy automates Employee Background Checks

Stay compliant anywhere

Protect your business everywhere

  • Communicate localized company policies & benefits with no IT or Comms support required

  • Set up multiple personalized compliance training journeys based on location

  • Send sensitive employee data through the most secure method in the industry

  • Stay in control with compliance-driven access and security across software and facility

Stay compliant with global data protection frameworks - we’re GDPR and CCPA compliant

Audits made simple

Reporting has never been easier

  • Keep a record of every document in one place and easily see if anything is missing

  • Monitor and maintain a digital audit trail for peace of mind

  • Collect employee consent with digital forms and e-sign

  • Auto-generate audit logs and reports of employee data access

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