Set your new managers up for success

Celebrate manager promotions.

Handle administrative tasks

  • Tydy listens for any update in location, department, project team or role.

  • Program notifications sent to the new manager, IT, admin, payroll, etc.

  • Complete all manager paperwork with digital forms and e-signatures.

  • Assign hardware and enable account access and other rights and privileges.

  • Ensure relevant documentation is current (internal policies, company culture, data protection, IT training, compliance regulations, role-specific content).

Prepare your new manager

  • Introduce the new manager to their manager onboarding buddy.

  • Re-introduce the new manager to company goals and individual goals.

  • Set up guided, bite-sized training journeys to enable learning in the flow of work.

  • Provide access to additional training resources in one place.

  • Provide periodic and timely training on newly introduced policies or protocols.

Grow with your managers

  • Send periodic celebratory messages to mark milestones.

  • Collect 360 feedback to help managers develop.

  • Run pulse checks to gather contextual feedback on specific processes.

  • Develop future career development plans and set up mentorship programs.

Want learning to happen in the flow of work?