Let’s get Mark setup for his new role as manager

New manager journey.
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Mark has been promoted to Manager!

Here is your new contract

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Time to learn how to be a good manager.

Mark, your manager training begins today!

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Mark is now getting help from other managers like him.

Set up one-on-one with Mark, your new manager.

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Here are some FAQs from our new managers

manager set-up
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Acme Corp’s CEO welcomes him to his new role.

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Mark's manager training happens on-the-go without disrupting his flow of work.

Pop Quiz: Let’s put your leadership skills to the test

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Regular check-ins makes Mark feel supported and better equipped to manage his team.

How’s it going so far?


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Mark's new life as a manager is easier with quick reports and insights.

You have 2 people joining your team tomorrow.

A text message that reads, 13 people in your team are tracking below company performance.

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