Mark needs to get a few things done for a smooth transition.

transition formalities
finalise transition
mark’s new team

Mark, hope you’re excited about your new adventure!

Update compensation and benefits

Sent to

Start immigration process

Sent to
Global Mobility Team

Set up meeting to discuss relocation

Sent to

A few more documents need to be submitted to process his business visa.

Your Visa Application

Questionnaire: Need assistance in Bangalore?

Mark’s last day in the NY Office is just around the corner.

Finalise Mark’s transition and handover

Sent to
finalize transition

He’s thrilled to meet his new colleagues and start working together!

Introduce Mark to his new team

Sent to
India Dept Head

We’re excited to have you on our team!

Sent to
Mark’s new team

Meanwhile, the People Ops team is getting ready to help Mark settle in.

Mark Jacob’s location has been updated to Bengaluru, India.

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