Since 2017, we have been focused on one thing. Building the best People Ops Platform.

We build simple and powerful collaborative tools for the People Ops function. We are the one-stop, go-to-platform for People Ops teams to manage processes that cut across multiple teams and multiple systems.

Building teams

We built Tydy by bringing together an eclectic team of developers, coders, sales, marketeers and support, who are all compelled to build the best People Ops platform that empowers users worldwide. Today, we leverage years of blood, sweat, and product releases to continue to power up some of the fastest growing, largest and most admired businesses in the world.

Building experiences

We are instrumental in building experiences across Asia, America, Europe and Africa with new products, including background verification management, journey management, segmentation and targeting and more for People Ops teams. We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible, as more and more systems invade our workplace and hybrid shapes our lives. We are well placed to help build this future of work, all while building new products, new markets, and new audiences.

We make work a better place for everyone.

We are Tydy and we are in the business of setting people up for success before Day 1.

For us, work needs to feel like a place where everyone can grow and thrive.

And if we are passionate about making this happen for our customers, we're absolutely obsessed with making it happen for our own people.
You must be wondering, "how are these guys any different? "
We are actually building a new way to work :) 
We believe ‘Tydyness’ is next to Godliness
Clean design, clean code and clean communications - we keep it as ‘tydy’ as possible. Except when we get a chance to pun.
We find simplicity beautiful
We get so much joy out of taking something complex and breaking it down into tiny, easy to digest pieces - especially if it looks like a manual telephone switchboard from the 1800s.
We like making things easier than before
So if it means throwing out the blueprint, we will do it and start from scratch just so we can find a better way.
We bring our whole selves to work
We are a diverse and highly talented team – we have musicians, chefs, gamers, skateboarders, hikers, dancers, yogis, artists, cyclists, photographers, etc.
We are flexible
We know everyone works differently. Which is why we work from anywhere, we choose our own hours. As long as you have good Wifi!
We are parents and caregivers
So we know what matters most and what it takes to make the world a better place - at work, at home, at rest, and at play.

The ones who make all this possible? 

Kiran Menon
CEO & Co-Founder
Keeping Team Tydy sane and smiling since Day 1.

18 years in sales & corporate development across Opera, Case Consulting Group (CCG). Ran Sales for Opera Inc - the largest mobile browser and advertising company. Instrumental in kickstarting Opera Mediaworks. 
Gaurabh Mathure
CPO & Co-Founder
Rallying the troops with his beautiful whiteboards and wireframes.

18 years of experience building successful digital products like Nike+, Fossil, Samsung & Google, amongst others. Previously Creative Director of R/GA in New York.
Nikhil Gurjer
CTO & Co-Founder
Building the best software, one dimsum at a time.

16 years of building technology products and architecting scalable data networks. Lead Architect at NetPay Global, the premier inter-currency exchange.

Built for everyone.

Built for businesses

  • Digitization of Data Capture & Documentation
  • Automation of IT processes like Asset Management and Provisioning
  • Personalization of Experience based on user data
  • Data Orchestration across enterprise systems
  • Integrations with enterprise systems
  • Verification Automation & Management

Built for individuals

  • Personal Digital Profile
  • Understand how personal data is being used for Onboarding
  • Privacy & Security for personal data
  • Upload and manage documents securely
  • Repository for all the compliance and govt forms

Our Leadership Team

Kiran Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

Kiran's expertise spans over 17 years in sales & corporate development across India, USA and Scandinavia. Kiran is also a wannabe musician and a father to a loving daughter and son.

Nikhil Gurjer

CTO & Co-Founder

Nikhil is our technology leader who is also passionate about cooking. Apart from 14 years of building technology products, you will see him excelling at a stove or oven.

Gaurabh Mathure

CPO & Co-Founder

Gaurabh is our resident perfectionist. He knows what a good product should look and behave like and his 24/7 mission is to get there. And really it is 24/7, cause he does not sleep.

Debkanya Dhar

VP Marketing & Communication

Debkanya is our Marketing and Communications Head with over 15 years of experience. Mother to two girls and a pup, she seeks solace in books and a good laugh.

Prayag M K

Chief Architect

Prayag is responsible for our growing global infrastructure and architecting new solutions. You will most likely see Prayag collaborating with Nikhil in the kitchen :)

Viren Goyal

VP Partnerships & Growth

With over 18 years of experience, Viren is helping build the Tydy Ecosystem globally. And if he is not busy doing that - he can be found at the golf course.

Join us.

Let's build the future of work together.

We work with some of the most-loved brands in the world. And we have a huge responsibility to deliver the best experience for their employees, just as they do for their customers.

If you are creative, have the gumption to make mistakes, are a dreamer and a doer, and are looking for a place to do your best work ever, then you've come to the right place.