We make work a better place for everyone.

Tydy enables companies of every size, from growing startups to the largest global brands, to collect, integrate and automate employee data through one standardized platform. 

We’re on a mission to democratize access to good employee data. Why? Because good data leads to better employee experiences, drives retention, and automates the processes that drive a scalable organization. 

You grow. We grow.

We are obsessed with making you successful at your job.

While other platforms deleted the personal touch, we went above and beyond to ensure your success with Tydy. Our platform gives your HR & IT teams the power to collaborate and empower them to work with an incredibly powerful productivity suite. Our dedicated team remains intimately involved in your Tydy experience to support you as you grow your company. If it feels as if we’re fanatical about your success, it’s because we are.

Future forward.

Building a data ecosystem for the future of work.

Tydy has been working with some of the largest brands and employers globally to deliver a single platform to manage onboarding, HR +IT processes and build the infrastructure for Electronic Work Records.

Whether you are doubling your headcount from 5000 this year or are welcoming 30,000 people a year - Tydy is a scalable and flexible platform that services people across 30 countries.

Our goal is to build a fully integrated ecosystem of businesses and users where everyone gets the best experience by harnessing the power of data. Automated, Digitized and Experiential.

Moving with culture.

We believe flexible work is the future.

For us, virtual does not mean impersonal. Tydy enables you to set every one of your employees up for success, no matter where they are. Our platform has been built keeping in mind a future-ready global workforce. So you can hire anyone, anywhere while charting the quickest and most efficient path to productivity. Regardless of location or schedule, everyone is empowered to thrive and grow together.

Whether your employees are a 10-minute walk or a 10-hour flight away from you, they will experience onboarding like it should be. So no more "How do I claim reimbursements" or "When will I get my laptop" queries. Everyone is up-to-speed and all set to do their best work from Day 1.

Built for everyone.

Built for businesses

  • Digitization of Data Capture & Documentation
  • Automation of IT processes like Asset Management and Provisioning
  • Personalization of Experience based on user data
  • Data Orchestration across enterprise systems
  • Integrations with enterprise systems
  • Verification Automation & Management

Built for individuals

  • Personal Digital Profile
  • Understand how personal data is being used for Onboarding
  • Privacy & Security for personal data
  • Upload and manage documents securely
  • Repository for all the compliance and govt forms

Our Leadership Team

Kiran Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

Kiran's expertise spans over 17 years in sales & corporate development across India, USA and Scandinavia. Kiran is also a wannabe musician and a father to a loving daughter and son.

Nikhil Gurjer

CTO & Co-Founder

Nikhil is our technology leader who is also passionate about cooking. Apart from 14 years of building technology products, you will see him excelling at a stove or oven.

Gaurabh Mathure

CPO & Co-Founder

Gaurabh is our resident perfectionist. He knows what a good product should look and behave like and his 24/7 mission is to get there. And really it is 24/7, cause he does not sleep.

Debkanya Dhar

VP Marketing & Communication

Debkanya is our Marketing and Communications Head with over 15 years of experience. Mother to two girls and a pup, she seeks solace in books and a good laugh.

Prayag M K

Chief Architect

Prayag is responsible for our growing global infrastructure and architecting new solutions. You will most likely see Prayag collaborating with Nikhil in the kitchen :)

Viren Goyal

VP Partnerships & Growth

With over 18 years of experience, Viren is helping build the Tydy Ecosystem globally. And if he is not busy doing that - he can be found at the golf course.

Join us and make work a better place for everyone.

Tydy is in the business of setting new employees up for success. For us work needs to feel like a place where you can grow and thrive. And if we are passionate about making this happen for our customers, we are absolutely obsessed with making it happen for our own people. 

We are on a mission to make work a better place and we are doing it one organization at a time, starting with our own!

We work with some of the most-loved brands in the world. We know we have a huge responsibility to help them deliver the best experiences for their employees, just as they do for their customers. If you are creative, have the gumption to make mistakes, are a dreamer and a doer, and are looking for a place to do your best work ever, then please click on the link below!