we ARE focused on one thing.

Harnessing the power of employee data.

We are building the most powerful Employee Data Platform for global enterprises. As  the single unified platform for HR, People Ops and IT teams, Tydy lets you take charge of your data so you can transform every workplace system & process for the better.

From compliance to onboarding to offboarding, with Tydy, consistently delivering an employee experience is simplified, seamless, and supercharged.

Building teams

We built Tydy by bringing together an eclectic and passionate team of developers, coders, sales, marketeers and design thinkers, who are all compelled to make work a better place for everyone. Today, we power some of the fastest growing, largest and most admired businesses in the world.

Building experiences

We harness data to build unforgettable employee experiences across Asia, America, Europe and Africa. We love figuring out what works and what doesn't and often feel like we're just scratching the surface of what’s possible, as more and more systems invade our workplace and hybrid shapes our lives. And we are super proud to be the builders of the future of work.

Building capabilities

While we build and deploy a product, our focus is also to build capability in global organizations. In particular, our focus is on optimizing the use of data in People Ops and HR. So no more guesswork. No more data gaps. Only smarter work, and a better experience.

Join our growing team.

We need you to help us make work a better place.

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Our founding data dreamers.

Kiran Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

Keeping Team Tydy sane and smiling since Day 1.

CTO & Co-Founder

Building the best software, one dimsum at a time.

Nikhil Gurjer

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CDO & Co-Founder

Rallying the troops with his beautiful whiteboards and wireframes.

Gaurabh Mathure

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We love what we do. We love who we are. Wonder how we are different?

We are flexible and frank

We know everyone works differently. Which is why we work from anywhere and can choose our own hours. As long as you have good Wifi and a great work ethic, you're golden.

We are parents and caregivers

So we know what matters most and what it takes to make the world a better place - at work, at home, at rest, and at play.

We believe ‘Tydyness’ is next to Godliness

Clean data, clean design, clean code and clean communications - we keep it as ‘Tydy’ as possible. Except when we get a chance to pun.

We like making things easier than before

We question everything. And if it means throwing out the blueprint, we will do it and start from scratch just so we can find a better way.

We bring our whole selves to work

We are a diverse and highly talented team – musicians, chefs, gamers, skateboarders, hikers, dancers, yogis, artists, cyclists, photographers, etc.

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