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Meet Mark Jacob
Acme Corp’s newest Senior Designer

Mark has less than a month to go before he can start work. It’s going to be a busy month for him. On his way to work, he gets a message from Acme Corp’s Onboarding team.

He has finished updating his profile and answered a short questionnaire about himself. It was actually kinda fun.

A couple of cell phones sitting next to each other.

Bring the team together

Mark’s manager gets an email with his completed profile. She assigns him a buddy.

A cell phone and a cell phone with a login screen.

Personalized doc & data capture

Mark’s ticking things off his task list in record time. He’s uploaded his certificates and ID documents and he’s also e-signed and submitted his W-4.

Connect to payroll, banking partners and other vendors

Finance has received all of Mark’s banking information. His payroll is automatically set up. Since Mark will be traveling a fair bit for work, he triggers a notification to set him up with a company credit card.

A couple of messages with a picture of a man and a woman.

Mark’s background check is done!

This triggers a notification to IT to get his laptop ready and create login credentials for all the tools he’ll need access to.

Mark notices he is now part of a community - a personal success team to help him during onboarding. And there’s a leaderboard! 🎉

Bring the admin team along

Admin gets a notification that Mark is joining their New York office. They check and approve his ID card, assign him a desk, and order him a new ergonomic chair.

A picture of a city with a lot of tall buildings.

Day 1 Checklist - automated & personalized

Mark gets a text from his buddy. It’s good to have someone to show him the ropes.

HR sends Mark directions to the office and a video tour of the office. His to-be-teammates say hello!

An iphone with a text message on the screen.

Mark is set to leave for his first day at work.

His phone dings - his laptop, mobile & ID are ready for him. He needs to go meet Admin and they’ll sort him out.

A welcoming committee meets Mark in the lobby. He feels like he already knows these people. Thankfully there are no balloons. 😋

Create custom forms & surveys to capture the information you need

Mark fills out a survey on the orientation and compliance training he’s just completed. He feels the coffee could’ve been better, but the trainers get a 5-star rating.

Mark is fully onboarded and has clocked up close to 500 pts. If he finishes his onboarding feedback survey he will get another 500 pts. Which means he gets to pick a reward of his choice. He chooses to use it to buy his team lunch. 😉

the complete solution.

Mark's been onboarded, the Tydy way.

Deliver a WOW Experience

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