Onboarding is better with Tydy

Clean Data + Quick Compliance + Good Design  ='WOW' onboarding, every single time.

Make onboarding paperless and quick

Efficient data collection and management from the get-go

  • Automate collection of data with verification and validations built in to the flow. Anywhere in the world. 

  • Capture data and documents based on role, location, department, experience, etc.

  • Go paperless and generate digitized federal and state compliance documents

  • Eliminate multiple forms which ask for the same information over and over again.

Go paperless and generate digitized federal and state compliance documents

We play nice with everyone

Connect everything to Tydy, connect Tydy to everything - and then see the magic unfold.

  • Integrate all your tools and systems - HRIS, Payroll, Benefits, LMS, etc.

  • Route data to depts, vendors and partners - no more spreadsheets, emails or follow-ups!

  • Sync employee data and task completion status across systems

  • Automate emails, reminders, notifications and escalations

Generate customized offer letters, deliver them to candidates, track responses and close the loop.

At scale. Anywhere in the world.

Make onboarding an experience

Become the most exciting employer brand in town...no...in the world!

  • Create onboarding journeys that start well before Day 1 with just a few clicks

  • Personalize the experience based on location, band, demographic data, etc.

  • Gamify everything to make sure things get done with point-based tasks, quizzes, and rewards.

  • Connect with new hires with amazing content - be it video, text, images, or gifs. Tell your story, your way.

  • Create belonging and that personal connection - auto-assign mentors and buddies

customer story

New hires gave Cipla's onboarding experience a 4.6 rating on a 5-point NPS scale.

Onboard smart, onboard better

AI-driven intelligent insights and reports for smarter decision making

  • Visualize your data to bring your employee experience to life.

  • Download and share simple reports based on specific data points.

  • Early warning signals to see who is dropping off or slipping away

  • Zoom in to keep an eye on each individual employee’s milestones or progress.

  • Zoom out to see how the team, dept, location, or country is doing.

The complete solution.

Deliver the WOW Experience

Personalize and deliver a Wow experience for your new hires from offer acceptance.

All-in-one = HR + IT + Ops

Onboarding is not just an HR problem. Collaborate, delegate, notify - all from one place.

Data collection?We got you.

With a powerful data and document collection module, eliminate duplication of data & effort.

Get faster, better, smarter!

Connect all your data to get intelligent insights on efficiency, engagement and retention.

Do less
to do more.

Reduce all manual work by over 50%. Automate repetitive tasks. Get your valuable time back.

1, 2, 3...    

Route, control and manage background verification from one dashboard to speed up TAT.

If at any point you need

to transition...

Here’s what you need to do!