How a global enterprise overcame the chaos of manual offer letter generation

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The challenge

“Is the manual generation of offer letters a significant issue?”

Yes, particularly when you're hiring 100-200 people in just a week, it becomes a huge challenge.

Imagine manually editing offer letter templates on Word or Google Docs for 100+ new hires every week, followed by downloading these documents, attaching them into separate emails, or uploading them to an electronic signature platform and then hitting that ‘send’ button. The entire process is extremely cumbersome. Plus, it is also a waste of precious time and talent!

For this particular consulting business, the problem was especially pronounced. 

They already had a seamless ATS-led recruitment process and Tydy-powered pre-boarding and onboarding journeys in place - experiences that both recruiters and candidates appreciated! 

However, the generation of offer letters, sitting right between these two streamlined processes, became a bottleneck, disrupting the flow of an otherwise efficient hiring and onboarding sequence. 

  1. Loss of time and resources: HR should ideally not have to spend time and energy on manually editing and sending offer letters. Plus, manual back-and-forth coordination for salary negotiations and other query clarifications made the process inefficient and time-consuming.

  1. Risk of manual errors and omissions: Manually entering details such as name, location, salary breakdown, etc. opened the process up to the risk of errors and omissions. Plus, customization of salary and benefits, NDAs and other documents based on different factors like location, seniority, etc. introduced further potential for inaccuracies.

  1. Inability to scale: For the large enterprise, manual generation of offer letters became a significant bottleneck, hindering the efficiency and the possibility of scaling an otherwise well-managed recruitment and onboarding process.

  1. Data security: With the growing number of security concerns, sharing details over emails was posing a risk of data breaches, a significant concern for the CIO of the company.

The organization was clear that they wanted to drive more efficiency in their offer letter management process. Interestingly, when they reached out to us, we were already toying with the idea of an offer letter module. Their request immediately prompted us to into action.

Here’s what we built.

The solution


In two months, Tydy developed and deployed the offer letter module for the enterprise. This innovative solution has since become available to all of Tydy's customers.

Here’s how it works.

Recruiters can upload new employee details using a CSV file directly into Tydy, or even integrate the module with their ATS for further automation. Once the details are uploaded, Tydy automatically generates personalized offer letters for each candidate, which are then sent directly to the candidate through the Tydy platform.

Offer letter on Tydy
Automated offer letter generation

Candidates who receive these offer letters have the option to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the offer letter directly through the platform. 

In cases of rejection, candidates can provide feedback or reasons for their decision, allowing recruiters to understand any concerns or negotiate terms such as salary, if applicable. 

Accept offer letter on Tydy
Option to share reason for accepting/rejecting offer letter

Following negotiations or when a candidate accepts an offer, the module automatically initiates the pre-boarding journey, preparing the new hire for their role by providing company information, collecting necessary documents, and starting background checks, among other steps.

Initiating onboarding journey after offer letter acceptance


For the consulting business, the offer letter module now offers a seamless post-recruitment experience for candidates and for recruiters, a hassle-free, less tedious way of delivering that experience for new hires.

The impact

In less than 4 months of implementing the offer letter module, the company has already auto-released 1680+ offer letters using Tydy. This automation has not only streamlined the offer letter creation process but for recruiters, it has also drastically reduced the coordination time by more than half.

The enterprise now intends to roll out the module to other locations, a testament to its efficacy. For certain locations with high data costs, Tydy has further customized the module for offer letters to be sent out as an SMS in keeping with the geographical constraints.

“By the time we were testing and deploying it, The Team and I could see the amount of effort and time it could save recruiters. I feel proud to have contributed to a project that has gone on to make life easier for so many people.”

Buvanraj V

Engineer at Tydy

“I volunteered to be on this project. Tydy was building a feature from scratch. And I had to be on it. I knew it was going to be both, exciting and challenging at the same time. In 30 days, we developed the feature and in another 30 days, we tested and deployed it for our customer.”

Buvanraj V

Engineer at Tydy

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