Deliver a ‘wow’
employee experience

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Communication management

With Tydy you get a combination of software and a service for the best communication and experience management. Our award-winning software gives you the ability to programmatically manage campaigns & journeys - and, our Content Experts give you a team to conceptualize, create and manage communication and assets every day.

How to embed brand into culture and employee experience

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The one app experience

Tydy consolidates all the touch points from various apps and systems in to one place - Slack, Teams, emails or even the Tydy interface. Whether it be for new hires and their onboarding process or for employees who want one place to find everything workplace related.

An app that can integrate seamlessly with Tydy.
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Notifications, without the clutter

People buy Tydy because we also use data management to consolidate notifications that are sent out to various roles. We make sure that the managers, the HRBP, the recruiter, the IT team, the admin and others get notifications that help them complete their tasks faster.

Persona-based segmentation

Tydy is the most comprehensive segmentation engine out there. You can create personas using multiple data points making it easy to target various groups of people.

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Your own creative team!

It's not just software, with Tydy - you get a design team that will help you conceptualize and create assets and communication as if you had your own marketing agency!

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