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How to conduct employee background checks, the Tydy-ier way

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Can manual work really be taken out of the employee background check process?

If yes, that would be a dream come true for all HR teams in every corner of the globe.

In our last blog on the topic, we listed out all the challenges that make background checks one of the most complex and cumbersome processes in employee onboarding.

We also told you briefly how Tydy has the single most powerful and robust module that covers data capture and validation, document collection and employee verification management - everything that you would want your employee background check software to do for you.

In this blog, we will give you a full view of how to do employee background check to cut out insufficiencies, reduce TAT and, in the process, reduce the time it takes to onboard your new hires.

Step 1: Collect data and documentation digitally, with ease

Data and document collection is the first step of any employee background check process. 

Unfortunately, the details that need to be collected from each candidate are not the same for all locations, roles, bands, and more.

As a result, a lot of productive time is lost in coordinating and getting the right details and documents, in the right formats and resolutions. 

This is why we built ‘Smart Forms’ and ‘Smart Document Upload’ that will automate the entire process.

Tydy’s Smart Forms are configurable to each company’s requirements and specific to each geography. They ensure there is no data duplication and reduce the chances of human error.

For instance, if an employee fills in marital status as ‘single’, Tydy’s Smart Form will automatically deactivate all questions related to spouse details for this particular employee.

Pro-tip: Make sure your employee background check tool is equipped with intelligent data collection capabilities. This feature significantly cuts down the time both candidates and recruiters spend on completing and verifying numerous forms. 

Tydy's smart form preview for employee background checks
Tydy's Smart Form

On Tydy’s Document Upload feature, you can define a set of rules that will automatically guide the platform to collect the right documents from the right people by intelligently understanding the location of the new hire, their work level, and other details to configure the list.

Tydy's smart document upload for employee background checks
Document Upload on Tydy

Also, we leave nothing to chance. We guide your new hires to upload documents in the right formats, sizes and resolutions with detailed instructions at every step. By doing this, we drastically reduce data insufficiencies and turnaround time.

Step 2: Manage multiple background verification vendors from a single place

If you are a company with a presence across multiple locations, you are already dealing with multiple geography-specific vendors. On top of that, background checks involve address verification, criminal checks, employment checks and so on. Sometimes you might have to engage separate vendors to manage each of these different types of verification requirements.

No matter how many vendors you have collaborated with and how distributed they are, Tydy onboards all your vendors onto its background check module to automate the process as you scale to ensure better coordination, transparency and management.

Single-screen view of all ongoing employee background checks
Single-screen view of all ongoing employee background checks

Step 3: Automagically route cases to the right vendors without any manual intervention

Tydy’s rule engine lets you set up workflows that assign candidate profiles to vendors automatically based on their competency, location, cost, and on their Turn Around Time (TAT) commitments. 

Vendors can then claim the candidate profile if they are ready to pick up the case. Once claimed, the document then automatically gets shared with them on Tydy.

Tydy's vendor management for employee background checks
Vendor management for background checks

At this point, Tydy also enables communication between the vendor and internal teams to raise any insufficiencies. When the vendor flags a missing or unclear document, a notification is sent to the person responsible for uploading the document. This entirely eliminates a Chinese whisper-like communication loop from the vendor to the employee background check team in the organization to the HRBP and then the recruiter or candidate.

Step 4: Keep all your candidate data and documents secure on Tydy

And here’s the best part! With the entire process being digital on Tydy, no candidate document or data can be copied/downloaded by any vendor. All of it is stored on Tydy and can be accessed only from the platform. 

That’s a huge step from a data security and privacy perspective. Sharing sensitive employee data over email and other channels to multiple parties who also have the choice to download them exposes you to high data theft risk. In fact, as per the Egress Data Loss Prevention Report 2021, 95% of IT leaders believe that client and company data is at risk on email, and 83% of organizations have experienced email data breaches.

As for background check vendors who have their own platform, Tydy integrates with their software using a secure API, ensuring even then that all your data remains secure.

HRBPs or people managers also have the autonomy to decide the level of access that needs to be assigned to each vendor. Do they view all documents? Can they raise insufficiencies? Can they upload reports?

You decide.

Step 5: Integrate with top employee background check vendors

Tydy has been enabling multiple customers with its employee background check module and in the process has established seamless integration with the likes of KPMG, Hello Verify, First Advantage, Crystal Screening, and more. Our powerful Capture+Verify module has been ‘built to integrate’ so that data flow and processes are seamless and secure.

Manage all employee background check vendors from a single place
Manage all background check vendors from a single place

Step 6: Send reminders, nudges and escalations to relevant stakeholders

This is the last step to ensure you get to bid goodbye to manual processes. Set and trigger reminders and escalations so you don’t have to manually follow up with anyone - not candidates, not vendors and not even your co-workers. 

Set reminders and escalations
Set reminders and escalations

Step 7: Access insights and reports that you wish to see

From TAT times to vendor performance and case status, monitor everything from a single place. Determine where your bottlenecks lie and improve your processes based on these insights.

A Tydy-ier way to run employee background checks

You could try to juggle the different parts of employee background checks on your own or, you could simplify and streamline employee background checks as a core part of Tydy’s promise of delivering a supercharged onboarding experience. 

By creating an automated employee background checks module, we have taken all of the busywork off HR's shoulders - making time and room for more meaningful work.

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