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Why do people buy Tydy?

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There is a reason I titled this post as “Why do people buy Tydy?” and not “Why do companies buy Tydy?”. As is known to any good sales & marketing professional the buying decision for a company is still made by a human being. And therefore there are very specific reasons why some one would buy a product, and this is my analysis of why a CHRO, CIO, VP will buy Tydy today.

To deliver a great employee experience

It’s a common want and need - but employee experience means many things to many people. At Tydy we know that delivering a great experience is the difference between a productive and successful workforce and one that is struggling to cope. The reason Tydy plays a pivotal role in building a great experience is because of the following reasons…

  • Communication Management - With Tydy you get a combination of software and a service for the best communication and experience management. Our award-winning software gives you the ability to programmatically manage campaigns & journeys - and, our Content Experts give you a team to conceptualize, create and manage communication and assets every day.
  • Super App experience - Tydy consolidates all the touch points from various apps and systems in to one screen. Whether it be for new hires and their onboarding process or for employees who want one place to find everything workplace related.
  • Notifications for speed and without the clutter - People buy us because we use data management to consolidate notifications that are sent out to various roles. We make sure that the managers, the HRBP, the recruiter, the IT team, the admin and others get notifications that help them complete their tasks faster.
  • Segmentation - Tydy is the most comprehensive segmentation engine out there. You can create personas using multiple data points making it easy to target various groups of people.

To reduce manual work

With Digital Transformation taking center stage in the last couple of years and the pressure mounting on reducing costs - the need to automate work is everywhere. And, our buyers look to us for automation that can help speed up employee processes like onboarding and compliance, and to reduce the number of people needed to manage mundane admin tasks.

  • Workflow templates - We have built-in automation templates for onboarding, compliance, vendor management, HR-IT sync and others. These templates save time and resources and do complicated tasks that require cross-system data flows as well.
  • Timely escalations - Tydy intelligently pings the concerned person/ team when there are escalations required, drastically reducing the manual burden of having to go in and check on every single event and process for every single employee.
  • Data & doc capture made easy & in sync - Going digital with data capture is easy on Tydy. Whether it’s for compliance, onboarding, transitions, change in employee data - Tydy makes it seamless and what’s more - it automatically syncs the data across other systems.

To get visibility in to data

The bane of multiple apps is apparent when faced with multiple dashboards and half-baked knowledge about each individual employee. The current reality is having to deep dive in to multiple spreadsheets and building multiple pivot tables just to understand one process. But with Tydy, all that disappears. And people love us for the consolidation of data and the reporting capabilities that come with it.

  • Intelligence, not dashboards - Dashboards are static & often visual views into a set of data. They serve a purpose. However, with the abundance of data in today’s world - even dashboards have a limited use. People buy Tydy because we give you more than just dashboards. We give teams the power of configurability and the power to use natural language to get answers to questions from large, unified datasets.
  • Not just HR - With data coming from multiple systems and processes, Tydy is the first system that captures every single event to create a comprehensive view of the employee experience. And we all know EX is not just an HR problem.
  • Unified Profile - With the world’s first Unified Profile, teams can log in to Tydy to find everything about an individual on one screen. No more pivots and no more excel crunching.

From my read of the market and the conversations I've had with leaders across companies of all sizes - these are the three main reasons why people buy Tydy. No matter what industry or country they're in, these basic three needs remain universal.

If you want to know more about how we're making all of this possible - I am more than happy to have a chat and introduce you to Tydy.

Kiran Menon

CEO and Co-Founder, Tydy

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