Before you go, there’s a few more steps to complete your offboarding process.

exit formalities
access management
offboarding checklist
alumni community

All the best for your future, Mark! We’re sad to see you go.

Mark Jacob’s resignation has been accepted.

Sent to
HR Manager

Finalize Mark’s handover plan and reassign tasks.

Sent To

Exit interview has been scheduled

Sent To
A diagram of a job well done.

Tomorrow is your last day at Acme Corp. Please don’t forget to return the following:

access management
Three different images of a person using a cell phone.

On Mark’s last day, the People Ops team gets a full offboarding checklist of all things done or pending.

offboarding checklist
man and some check points

Mark gets a message asking about his offboarding experience.

Feedback Survey: How did we do?

Join the alumni community!

alumni community
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Two white cards with different images of people on them.

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