How we unified IT and HR Systems at scale for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) is an engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and project management company providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide.

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L&T’s Shared Services Centre handles payroll for L&T’s 50,000 employees, covering 7 separate ODs and 37 subsidiary and associate companies. They were looking for an automated solution that would streamline onboarding for new LTHE employees across multiple locations.

The Challenge

Manual processes

LTHE’s entire onboarding process was manual. They were onboarding 1000 employees per year, for roles ranging from General Managers to Electrical Engineers to Senior Designers across business verticals. While being tedious, repetitive and time consuming, it left too much room for human error.

Fragmented data

Since Shared Services was hiring for separate business verticals and job roles, they had too many different types of Employee Application forms. Their data capture process was fragmented, often done manually by the recruiter who filled them after conducting a long drawn out Q&A session.

Multiple tools

Integrating their HR Management Systems and tools was multi-layered, messy and problematic. This meant mindless and repetitive ‘busy work’ for HR.

Too many blind spots

With thousands of employees across far flung project locations, the HR team was looking for a way to collect feedback from their workforce throughout the employee journey, from pre-boarding to 90 days after onboarding.

Our Solution

Unifying IT and HR Systems at scale

Digitized data flow

LTHE now has one of the cleanest and most user friendly data capture forms. Whether it’s generating statutory forms or integrating data flows with other systems or segmenting employees by location, department & role, HR Managers can now orchestrate everything from the Tydy Control Centre. This helps save immense amounts of time and effort.

Gamified and mobile first

Through gamified feedback forms and personalized, mobile-first content, employees receive information via their mobile phones. So no matter where they are, whether in a Mumbai office high-rise or on an oil rig in the Caspian Sea, they receive important communications such as a Message from the CEO, Company Policy, Employee Benefits, etc. all in one place.

Intelligent insights

HR Managers and Admins can access data and analytics which helps them spot patterns and trends across all LTHE locations and levels. These hidden insights are invaluable for employee engagement and retention as it helps HR managers analyze what’s working and what's not.

Employee Experience

LTHE now has a two-way communication channel with their employees through which they deliver timely content and Pulse Surveys. With Tydy's proprietary campaign technology, they gather feedback at various important touch points such as interview feedback on offer acceptance, Day 1 feedback, Week 1 feedback, asset allocation feedback, etc.

In Summary

For LTHE, its people are its most important resource. As they aim to keep raising the bar and becoming a truly global player, they understand the importance of orienting and equipping their workforce with valuable skills and learning experiences. With a transformed and state-of-the-art onboarding process as the first experience for all new hires, they set them up for success as Global Managers from the very beginning.

“While we initially thought of solving for just the onboarding process, after complete implementation of Tydy’s integrated version, we have been able to streamline not only the onboarding process but also end-to-end recruitment and HR operation processes.”

Manish Sharan

Senior DGM, Human Resource, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE)

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