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Unilever is one of the oldest and largest multinational companies in the world and its products are available in around 190 countries. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Unilever has over 400 brands like Dove, Knorr, Lipton, Surf and Axe.

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Unilever Shared Services was looking for one single Onboarding solution that could create a globally standardized, and yet, a completely personalized experience for every new hire across brands and countries.

The Challenge

Fragmented processes

Unilever’s Country HR teams were juggling onboarding processes for new employees across brands, departments and locations. With so many moving pieces across geographies, one Control Centre was needed to not just standardize processes, but also to act as a hub through which they could communicate effectively and in a timely manner.

High attrition

For a company as large as Unilever, it wasn’t easy keeping everyone informed, engaged and motivated. Attrition was high because people were getting lost in the system. Highly skilled talent dropped out within the first year, which meant additional time and large investments were being spent in rehiring and training.

Lack of personalization

With tens of thousands of employees spread across the globe, Diversity & Inclusion is a key component of Unilever’s company culture. But translating this into clear and engaging communication is easier said than done. What they needed was clear and standardized processes that took out any element of bias or mismanagement. Communication needed to be consistent, standardized and highly customized. This required an immense amount of planning and thought.

Multitude of systems

Unilever runs multiple software solutions to meet different requirements. Cornerstone and Degreed for learning, Workday for HR Processes, Unabot as an employee concierge and other support services. Managing multiple different tools was proving to be a time consuming task in itself.

Our Solution

After a rigorous process of evaluating the best global onboarding solutions, Tydy was brought in to reimagine the onboarding experience at Unilever. The Unilever Shared Services Team was responsible for the initial deployments and adoption. Post launch, Tydy’s flexibility and ease of use enabled local HR, IT and Business teams across multiple countries to manage the process independently, with customizations made for each market and brand.

With Tydy, Unilever has been able to automate and standardize a process that hadn’t changed in years, saving time and money for their global HR teams. And new hires now get a completely personalized onboarding experience that makes them feel included and supported in the organization.

Hyper personalized

Through Tydy, Unilever hyper-personalizes every single employee interaction. All communications, while being standardized, are responsive to each individual’s needs as they take into account the finer nuances that set each target group apart. For example, existing employees across levels, disciplines and backgrounds record and send videos to greet newbies and share their personal and professional journeys within Unilever.

Championing inclusion

Inclusive Onboarding with Tydy has proven impactful across countries with diverse cultures such as Thailand, Australia, Philippines, and Indonesia. It is now being expanded across multiple continents, including South Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Poland and Russia. Through a unified and unbiased onboarding experience, employees everywhere can start off on an even footing.

A voice for everyone

Creating opportunities for new hires to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns before Day 1 ensure a positive beginning, which in turn leads to a sense of belonging and loyalty. Employees are asked for feedback at critical points and milestones through their journey, making the organization much more responsive to immediate needs. This is constantly reviewed by People Experience Leads who are empowered to take action on the feedback received instantly, assuring new hires that their voice matters.

Single source of truth

Through Tydy’s Content Automation system, tasks can be assigned and notifications sent to relevant stakeholders or roles at just the right time. HR Managers can orchestrate country-wide campaigns seamlessly and spend less time coordinating between different stakeholders. Tydy segments users by data, behaviors and various other attributes which ensures that content created and delivered to them is relevant and more impactful.

Clutter-breaking communication

Tydy‘s Communications and Design experts work with the Unilever team to craft engaging and timely communication for various stakeholders. It helps that Tydy's content editor can send powerful and engaging content that is made for mobiles and digital devices. Infographics, videos, flash cards - all come alive on the platform.

In Summary

Unilever takes great pride in being one of the most successful purpose-led businesses in the world. And they continue to work towards this by using Tydy’s best-in-class onboarding platform and helping each and every employee bring their purpose to life from Day 1. Their mission is to to build a better business, a better world and a better you.

With Tydy, they make sure they make the right start every single time.

In recognition of its success at Unilever, Tydy was awarded The Workies Award for implementing ‘The Best Onboarding Process’.

“Launching an onboarding platform such as Tydy was the first of its kind in Unilever. The degree of personalization is what is most impressive about Tydy. It knows who I am and produces content relevant to me. As an outcome, after just 6 months in production, we had seen a 65% decrease in first year attrition which is very impressive indeed! In addition we are seeing engagement levels at above 85% and also receiving great testimonials from our new hires on how differentiated Unilever is for launching such a platform.”

Sandeep Abraham

Global Head, Core HR

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