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Cipla Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company providing over 1,500 products across various therapeutic categories. For over eight decades, this multinational company has been on a mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable in 80+ countries, staying true to its guiding purpose of Caring for Life.

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When Cipla’s HR Tech team reached out to Tydy, they were looking for a solution to improve the candidate experience post the new hire signing on the dotted line. They wanted to effectively educate new hires on company policy, reduce the administrative load of onboarding, make HR processes more efficient and simpler, while also bringing the entire ecosystem involved in employee onboarding together.

The Challenge

Ad hoc preboarding engagement

Cipla had a robust Application Tracking System that enabled recruiters with communication, processes and engagement up until a candidate accepted the job offer. After acceptance, the candidate experience was less streamlined, more ad hoc and non-standardized across the organization.

Inflexible preboarding solution

The solution that Cipla had at hand for candidate experience wasn’t easily customizable to meet Cipla’s preboarding and onboarding requirements. It also didn’t lend itself to the collaboration needed between multiple teams during this phase.

Poor experience

Cipla had an offline pre-induction and induction program. But without one single system to house and manage it all, the candidates and recruiters were burdened by complex and time-consuming manual processes. 

Slow onboarding

Considering the nature of the business, Cipla has new hires, like medical representatives, joining them within a day or two of receiving their offer letter. In such cases, delays in the onboarding process due to complex processes hindered a candidate’s ability to hit the ground running and give their best performance.

Our Solution

Tydy provided Cipla with a comprehensive pre-joining and onboarding solution that streamlined communication, collaboration and automation to enhance the experience of every stakeholder involved in the process.

Calendarized, bite-sized content 

Through Tydy, Cipla now delivers bite-sized information to its new hires in a calendarized format and on auto-pilot. Tydy’s Content & Design team created a mascot-led onboarding journey on the theme of “air travel”. Any information that went out from Cipla to the new hire resembled the travel experience, complete with boarding pass, flight instruction manual, in-flight magazine, safety instructions shared by the cabin crew, etc. 

Impact: 72% of new hires fully engaged with the preboarding content shared through Tydy 

A robust Employee Application Form

Tydy automated and streamlined Cipla’s once heavily manual new hire data and document collection process using the Smart Form feature. The Employee Application Form created is user-intuitive and automatically flags instances where all the documents aren’t uploaded by the new employee.

The dynamic form mapping that comes as part of Tydy’s Smart Form also ensures two things for Cipla:

  1. A new hire only receives a set of forms that is applicable to them, improving their overall onboarding experience 
  2. Based on the data filled in the EAF, other forms get auto-populated, reducing manual, repetitive work
Impact: The ease of uploading documents through Tydy meant 45% of new hires chose to do so through their mobile devices

Multi-system integrations

At Cipla, Tydy integrates seamlessly with its HRMS, ATS and other platforms to ensure the data collected is synced and available on other systems for easy access. This significantly cuts down the manual work for Cipla’s Shared Services team and reduces the possibilities of errors and data breaches.

Impact: Compliance issues have dropped to almost zero

Automated collaboration

Tydy brought together every team involved in the onboarding process at Cipla onto a single platform for better collaboration and process efficiency. Among the many inter-team collaborations that Tydy automated, the most important are:

  1. Recruiter to HRSS handover

The HR Shared Services team would often receive incomplete documents from recruiters for new hires. To address this issue, Tydy implemented a solution where recruiters can click the "Ready to Onboard" button on Tydy only after all the required documents have been uploaded by the candidate. This serves as a reminder for the recruiter to follow up with the candidate and ensure all documents are shared in a timely manner for handover to the Shared Services team.

  1. Resource allocation

With a single platform for collaboration, the allocation of assets including ID cards and laptops could be planned out effectively by the respective teams, with a clear view of how many new hires are joining the company on which day and in which roles, and needing which of the company’s resources.

  1. Employee background checks

Cipla uses Tydy to auto-generate PDFs of relevant employee details that can then be sent to the background verification vendor for background checks.

Impact: Effective resource planning during preboarding and reduction in delays in asset allocation

In Summary

Tydy has been able to build a standardized and engaging onboarding journey for Cipla's new hires that has been running for more than two years now.

In fact, new hires have given Cipla's onboarding experience a rating of 4.6 on a 5-point NPS scale.

Next steps?

Tydy is going to be onboarding their new hires across South Africa and North America too.

Here’s what some new hires had to say about their experience on Tydy:

“No need to update all the forms. It helped us a lot.”
“Very convenient for filling in all the details and documents. Friendly app to use.”

“The three main USPs of Tydy for me are its self-service content module, the integrations it allows with other software and how it lets you collaborate with multiple teams from a single platform.”

Somnath Roy

Sr. Manager, Lead - HR Technology

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