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EXL Service is an American multinational professional services company mainly involved in operations management and analytics using artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. EXL offers its services to insurance, banking,financial services, utilities, healthcare, travel, transportation andlogistics verticals.

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The Challenge

Manual & paper heavy

EXL’s onboarding and orientation process was completely manual and time consuming. Candidates had to physically bring originals and photocopies of their documents to the office, and then sign and submit all mandatory forms. Once these were validated by HR and all compliance related paperwork was completed, their induction process would begin - again manually.

Multiple players

There were multiple people involved in planning and executing a new hire’s entry into EXL. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how they could digitize the entire onboarding process and bring different departments and stakeholders onto one page. This included recruiters, HR, Business Partners and Admin, in addition to those who handled induction, asset allocation, training, etc.

Company Culture

Over a period of one year, EXL typically hires 8000-9,000 employees. The space in which EXL operates has traditionally experienced high employee turnover rates. Every year, new faces would make up almost 25% of the organization’s total workforce. A seamless, standardized and personalized onboarding experience was required in order to ensure a  strong company culture.

Change Management

Change management, especially for large organizations like EXL, is always tough. For instance, it would require a cultural and mindset change for supervisors to connect with every new employee during virtual meetings. Another instance was that of recruiters who had to transition from handling physical documents to a completely digital system.

One platform.

A fully integrated platform for your remote & global workforce.

Onboarding isn't straightforward. Which is why we bring together all the highly fragmented HR processes to create the best experience for every single person involved. Our products seamlessly automate the onboarding process for large enterprises, fast-growing startups, hybrid, distributed and remote teams.

We help our customers manage their vendor relationships, from background verification partners that ensure you stay compliant, provisioning partners who get things done on time or your local flower delivery vendors who make sure you delight your new employees.


man hours saved per year


reduction in email communication


return on investment

The platform that powers your distributed workforce. 💯


Digitally capture any employee data to eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

Vendor Management

Automate & manage verification & vendors with rules customised to your processes.

Experience Personalization

Deliver personalized journeys and timely communication with no code & no IT support.

Approval & Workflows

Create the best Employee Experience by automating approval and information flows.

Data Integrations

Connect to business systems and make data available in the right format at the right time.


Redefine your Employee Experience.
With the power of data. 💯

Capture onboarding data and digitize compliance.

Tydy makes it simple and quick for new hires to submit their data on any device and browser or app. That data is the automatically digitized for federal, government and compliance documents as per location and compliance requirements.

Manage background verification with ease.

Let us help make Background Verification less of a nightmare. Whether you have multiple vendors that need a single platform to manage them all or whether you are looking for background verification as a service - let us help you make things easier.

Deliver personalized journeys for every new hire.

With personalized journeys, every onboarding is unique and memorable. What's more, every journey helps people get productive faster and saves you time and money.

Orchestrate employee data across systems & processes

Kickstart IT Asset Allocation, send data to banking vendors, deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the Start Date.

All of this is possible through Tydy's Orchestration Engine.

Integrations that eliminate manual processes & spreadsheets.

Tydy integrates with SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, SalesForce and all your enterprise systems.

Integrations give you the power to automate processes across the IT ecosystem and delivers a data sync that was never possible before.


Tydy worked with the Unilever team to design and deploy a global, standardized and personalized Onboarding platform that won them kudos for Diversity & Inclusion.

Read Unilever's Case Study


See how Tydy helped the HydroCarbons giant unify their HR & IT processes to enable a seamless Onboarding experience for corporate and remote workers.

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Launching a platform such as Tydy was the first of it's kind in Unilever. The degree of personalization is what is most impressive about Tydy. It knows who I am and produces journeys that are relevant to me.

In addition, we are seeing engagement levels at above 85%, and also receiving great testimonials from our new hires on how differentiated Unilever is for launching such a platform. All in all, I must say Tydy has been a game changer.

Sandeep Abraham
Core HR & Shared Services, Unilever

Security and Stability.

Our global infrastructure is prepared to serve businesses of any size.

Enterprise Traffic Scaling

Our global network enables automatic scaling based on traffic and location.

Single Sign-On Support

We ensure enterprise level authentication for security and privacy.

Security Audits & Compliance

We provide our audit results  and cybersecurity frameworks applicable to us.

Global Server Infrastructure

Our server infrastructure gives us the flexibility to deploy all over the world.

Sanjay Dutt EXL Service

“While Tydy provides a significant enhancement to employee experience, it also transforms the overall organizational culture, by accentuating focus on collaboration, inclusion, knowledge sharing and employee engagement - all important pillars of an organization’s culture. The company, values, systems, people, leadership; in short, everything an employee needs,  gets manifested and embedded, at the click of a button, even while being at home.”

Sanjay Dutt
Senior VP & Global Head of Capability Development, 
Digital HR Operations
EXL Service

Our Solution

EXL’s Discovery Process with Tydy included imagining the onboarding journey of a fictitious new recruit called Stephanie. The HR team began by charting her path from offer acceptance onwards, marking each and every milestone, question and hurdle she could encounter for upto 90 days post Day 1. Touchpoints and important ‘moments’ were identified that could be enhanced and personalized. 

The objective was for the Employee Experience to be as smooth and painless as possible for the new hire while creating a positive and unforgettable first impression.

Flexible, customizable, accessible

One of the primary reasons behind EXL choosing Tydy was the flexibility of the solution. The platform could be customised and configured to their specific requirements. The second factor was ease of navigation and that it was accessible from any device.

Pre-boarding engagement

EXL now uses Tydy to send out customised communications campaigns to all new hires at regular intervals, starting from offer acceptance onwards.  Employees know all about the organization, its leaders and culture before they join. Ever since Tydy was deployed, their new hire engagement levels have gone up by 80%.

A voice for everyone

With Tydy, EXL creates and runs multiple surveys during the setting stage. This helps them keep track of each individual journey at the company, while ensuring engagement levels remain high. This has proven especially useful during periods of change, for e.g. the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In Summary

EXL’s Digital Transformation agenda was meant to enhance the new hire experience and increase employee engagement. The global Covid-19 pandemic has affected HR operations and practices all over the world. EXL’s vision for a fully digital HR system and their farsightedness in ensuring that their systems were upgraded helped them weather the worst of the pandemic  as they continue to hire and onboard their employees successfully using Tydy. 

“We are getting great results for the investment we made into Tydy. Specifically in today’s scenario, the entire onboarding process is being managed digitally and has not stopped despite the pandemic. Onboarding with Tydy is one of the best digital processes at EXL. It has smoothened the entire recruitment process as well.”

Rakesh Kumar

Vice President – Digital HR Transformation

EXL Service

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