How a global company integrated multiple disjointed systems to automate pre-employment medical checks

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The challenge

Manual HR tasks can sometimes literally involve pen and paper. However, many companies that have adopted technology to replace manual work, have instead ended up replacing them with additional work juggling multiple, disjointed systems and software.

The Talent Acquisition (TA) team at this multinational conglomerate was caught up in a similar situation. 

Their pre-employment medical check process involved logging in and out of multiple tools that weren’t integrated. The technologies that were introduced to make the medical check process easier and seamless, had introduced a new set of manual management challenges for the TA team. 

The process looked like this:

  1. A ticket had to be raised for the medical check on a ticketing platform for every candidate.
  2. After the ticket was raised, the employee data had to be uploaded into the relevant medical check vendor’s portal as a CSV file.
  3. Subsequently, after the medical report was generated, it had to be uploaded back into the ticketing system for approval by the in-house healthcare team (HCT).
  4. The Talent Acquisition (TA) team had the responsibility of monitoring for any deficiencies flagged by the HCT. If any issues arose, they had to manually follow up with the candidate to address them.
  5. If the HCT provided provisional approval, then further approvals had to be obtained from Senior Managers to get the candidate hired, again, involving manual processes.
  6. Once all the required approvals were obtained, the final report then had to be uploaded to an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) to proceed with the release of the offer letter.

The significant dependence on manual data transfer between systems resulted in the Talent Acquisition (TA) team not actually reducing their workload but instead dealing with a different kind of manual task. 

Also, manually uploading CSV files led to various errors, such as upload failures and omissions of names, complicating the process further.

The organization was acutely aware of this new set of problems that arose as a result of fragmented systems. So when they reached out to Tydy they hoped to integrate all the disparate systems and automate their pre-employment medical check workflow more holistically.

The solution


Tydy implemented the medical check module for this multinational company in just 15 days, cutting down more than half the manual data transfer that was required between systems.

Here's how it has been achieved:

The Talent Acquisition (TA) team can now automatically trigger an email to the medical check vendor and the candidate via Tydy to arrange their medical check. 

The process is straightforward: when creating the offer on the ATS, the TA team simply chooses the medical check vendor from a dropdown list. Once the data flows into Tydy, the TA team can easily initiate the medical process with a simple action.

Depending on the vendor selected earlier, if it's a hospital, the TA team can specify a location and input the necessary data to kickstart the medical process on Tydy.

If it's an aggregator, no location is needed, but all other relevant details are completed on Tydy.

Following this, Tydy automatically sends an email to both the candidate and the medical check vendor, based on the type of vendor selected - hospital or aggregator.

Following this initial step, Tydy issues a prompt to the candidate, nudging them to schedule their appointment. Candidates are also asked to enter their appointment date into the platform once they have booked it with the vendor. A reminder is auto-triggered to the candidate on the day of the appointment to confirm if the appointment was completed. If the appointment is not completed, the candidate is reminded to enter a new appointment date. This reminder cycle repeats three times, after which no further reminders are sent.

Once the candidate confirms that the appointment is completed,  Tydy requests the date of issuance of the report. After this information is provided, Tydy sends out another reminder to ensure the report is uploaded on time. The report, typically sent to both the candidate and the TA team, can be uploaded by either party to Tydy, preventing duplicate entries.

The TA team is then able to forward this to the HRMS via Tydy where the in-house medical team approves it. If further documentation is required, the in-house medical team requests those reports via Tydy and an auto-request is sent to the candidate without any further intervention required from the TA team.

In specific cases where a report might not be sufficient for the medical team but is acceptable for the role, the situation is automatically escalated to the manager for a final decision.

In short:

The impact

With Tydy’s pre-employment medical check module, the TA team at the enterprise managed to automate their entire medical check workflow, reducing the number of systems in the medical check process from four to two. This cut down manual data transfer between systems by half, reducing the possibility of human error considerably.


“I think busywork - work that keeps someone busy but has little value in itself - can be a huge hindrance for recruitment teams. To be able to eliminate that through modules that reduce manual work is important for improving the efficiency of your team and we’re happy to be doing that day in and day out at Tydy.”

Philip Koshy

Account Manager at Tydy

“We went through multiple rounds of discussions with the TA team to get the automation flow right. Once we had it all chalked out on the drawing board, we took exactly 15 days to deploy the feature for this business.”

Jayanth S

Senior Fullstack Engineer at Tydy

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