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Tydy Product: Multi-functional employee surveys for improved personalization

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We live in an era where personalization rules and also wins!

We love the auto-recommendation of videos on YouTube. We enjoy the curated playlist that a Spotify automatically builds out for us. We lap up offers and discounts that seem designed especially for us.

All this wonderful personalization, though, isn't possible without data and insights.

In a workplace, one of the many ways to deliver personalization is by collecting such data through surveys. 

With Tydy’s multi-functional employee surveys, HR teams will be able to learn a lot more about individual employees and deliver better and more personalized experiences.

But before we tell you all about how it works…here’s why we got down to building the employee survey feature in the first place.

Why Tydy built multi-functional employee surveys

If you have ever been on the product side of things, you know there are a million different features you can add to your product. Your team will have some brilliant, innovative ideas. Your customers may have requests from their side. Your competitors may have introduced some awesome new features which you want to include in your own product.

But what you actually build out in your product is dependent on your organization’s vision, product roadmap and so much more.

On Tydy and if you are a Tydy customer, you’d already know, we have a pre-existing ‘Question’ feature - a single-question pulse survey that lets you gather contextual employee feedback throughout the course of your new hire’s onboarding journey.

These questions usually capture a new hire’s ongoing experience around the onboarding process. Do they have access to all the information they want? How has the onboarding experience been? Did they receive their laptop? Was the training session helpful? So on and so forth.

Over time, though, we also noticed that some of our customers were using Tydy to send out longer employee surveys - questionnaires that were built on an external website or app and the link for which was shared through Tydy.

This method of feedback collection had some significant drawbacks.

  1. Since the employee was completing the survey on a different website or app, Tydy couldn’t track completion unless an employee manually came onto the Tydy platform and marked the task as completed. This meant that reminders or escalations couldn’t be automated either. 
  1. Because the questionnaire was not on Tydy, employees were filling out repetitive data like name, location, manager, etc. which are otherwise already available and prefilled on Tydy. This impacts the quality of employee responses and the overall employee experience, while also being a poor use of the employees’ time.
  1. With HRs already juggling so many different HR tech platforms, hosting surveys on yet another one meant extra work for the HR team.
  1. When data is distributed at different places - on Tydy and another survey platform - to look at it in an integrated manner and find out what’s working and what’s not becomes difficult.

That’s when we knew that it was time for Tydy Surveys to take form.

This way,

The feedback loop could be closed on Tydy: As soon as an employee fills the survey, Tydy automatically marks the task as completed. And in cases where employees don’t fill out the survey, reminders and escalations can also be automated.

Lesser fields to fill, better responses: Tydy can auto-fill a lot of the employee information that is already available on the system. This means, employees will only need to fill in crucial information, saving them time and also improving the quality of responses.

Have everything in one place: Tydy’s Surveys will ensure HR teams don’t have to worry about managing another feedback collection tool and will keep all the information in one place - easy to access, simpler to manage and possible to analyze.

So, what is the multi-functional employee survey feature all about?

Be it to seek an employee’s vaccination status, set up a 30-60-90 day feedback survey or understand what your new hires would like in their customized welcome kits - Tydy Surveys lets you capture a wide range of data, both from a compliance and personalization perspective. 

With more than 12+ types of question formats and an easy-to-build interface, Tydy Surveys can be sent out to various segments of your employee population based on your requirement. And then, simply add it to your employee journey, so it automatically gets triggered to your employees at a pre-decided day and time.

For instance, if vaccination status is a survey you wish every new hire to fill out on the 5th day of joining, you can set the rules once and rest assured that every new hire will receive this survey on the 5th working day at your company. And reminders and escalations thereafter, if it remains uncompleted.

In a parallel universe, without Tydy, people managers would be required to manually create these surveys on one platform, maybe send out the link through email and also send mass reminder emails to everyone, regardless of whether they filled the survey or not. 

Tydy Employee Survey highlights

Tydy Surveys takes this humongous load off the HR manager's shoulders.

So, how does this look in operation?

How can you use Tydy Employee Surveys?

Tydy Surveys is simple to set up, just like any other piece of content on Tydy Journeys. Here’s a quick preview of how you can go about it.

1. First, choose the ‘Forms’ option on the Tydy app and create a new form.

How to create a form on Tydy Employee Survey

2. Once the form page has loaded, start building it. You can add a cover to the page and start adding questions you want to include. Questions are available in more than 12 formats including text, multiple-choice, yes or no, rating scale, dropdown, file upload and more.

Types of questions on Tydy Employee Survey

3. Once you have built your survey, you can save it and also preview it. This gives you a chance to catch errors or gaps, if any.

Preview of Tydy Employee Survey form

4. Once your questionnaire is ready and you’ve proof-checked it, you can activate the survey and add it to any existing Tydy Journey. Even more than one, if you want to.

5. Customization is 100% possible. This means you can configure to send this survey out to only a select group of employees. You can also set reminders and escalations to improve the completion rate.

Setting reminders and escalations on Tydy Employee Survey

6. Goes without saying that you’ll have access to download reports to study the responses and make informed decisions.

In conclusion: Tydy Employee Surveys is more than an employee satisfaction survey

HR teams have been running employee engagement and satisfaction surveys for a long time now. Tydy Surveys can help run those and a whole lot more.

Tydy Surveys can capture all kinds of information from your employees - which is why we call it the multi-functional survey. These could be satisfaction surveys, manager feedback surveys, 30-60-90 day feedback and so on.

At the same time, it can also be deployed to gather vaccination status, understand employee preferences around returning to the workplace, skill assessment, learning & development and more.

Do you want to learn more about Tydy Surveys?

If you are an existing customer, your Tydy account manager can show you how it works.

And if you are not a customer yet, our product experts can give you a one-on-one demo.

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