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Everything you need to know about Tydy Journeys

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We all love Google Maps, don’t we?

But how many of us really remember how life was before the navigational tool came to existence?

Road trips meant you had to keep an eye out for physical signboards. Missing a turn or two was frustrating but commonplace. Trusting a random stranger on the road for directions was a tad bit scary but normal. And when your bladder or tummy began grumbling, you had to plant your eyes on the road to find a drive-through.

Thankfully, all that’s changed and is behind us now.

You can now simply sit in your car, type in your destination on Google Maps and get all the information you’ll ever need for the journey - the route, alternate routes, restaurants and fuel stations en-route, and so much more.

All the chaos that came with traveling is out. And the journey, in itself, is now more exciting.

Tydy Journeys is like Google Maps for your employees, helping them navigate your organization without getting lost in the chaos.

And what happens as a result?

You set the stage for an amazing employee experience, while your employees enjoy their journey with your organization!

Tydy Journeys is the ‘missing’ navigational tool for your employees 

Let’s think about a new hire. From their pre-joining days to the date of joining and immediately after, there is so much they are expected to do. In the absence of proper guidance and regular nudges, however, a number of documents will go unsubmitted, quite a few deadlines will be missed, recruiters and managers will end up engaging in a back and forth with the employee more than they would have wanted to.

Now this is just the case of one employee and it is already so chaotic!

Extrapolate this situation to all the new hires who are joining you.

And also to all the people who are embarking on other journeys within your organization - a tenured member who is changing teams, another who is getting promoted, a third who wants to upskill through a new training program and a woman employee who is returning after a maternity break - there are so many processes and paperwork around all of these!

Without visibility into what needs to be done and when, and without access to resources to take those steps, employees are bound to feel unsupported and disengaged.

This is where Tydy Journeys can help! 

Tydy Journeys put employees in the driver’s seat of any journey they want to take within the organization - onboarding, transition, growth, wellbeing, offboarding - and gives them all the navigational tools, guidelines and visibility they need to reach their destination with ease, and without anyone else’s constant nudge or support. 

What does this mean for employees?

A sense of autonomy, connection, trust and belongingness - all of which leads to high engagement with the organization.

And for you, HRs, it means:

  • A visible reduction in HR tasks
  • No more reminder emails or follow-up phone calls
  • All the apps and software that are part of your EX stack are connected
  • An increase in employee engagement
  • A quantifiable reduction in attrition rates

Tydy Journeys is so simple, anyone can create it

HR as a function is moving away from mere compliances to delivering experiences and you know how important that is in this day and age. But, in the absence of the right tools and resources to deliver these experiences, you are sometimes forced to make a trade-off in the light of everything else you have to do.

Well, it does not have to be that way anymore.

Tydy Journeys automate the delivery of the employee experience you’ve always wanted.

And you need no professional help to create or deliver it.

All you’ll need is to follow the step-by-step instructions on the Tydy platform and set up different types of Journeys within your organization for employees.

Here’s a view of what that looks like.

Choose the timelines for your journey

Choose ‘when’ a specific Tydy Journey needs to be triggered to employees

Tydy lets you decide when a journey is delivered to employees - on their joining date, on any other specific date (when they hit the 5-year service milestone with the company, for instance) or when a specific criteria matches (when they are returning after COVID leave).

Create the content to be delivered to the employee

From questions to tasks, documents, forms, videos, images and more, Tydy lets you create different kinds of content that can be triggered to the employees. 

Create different types of content to suit a particular Tydy Journey

The platform lets you create the content right there, just like you use your Microsoft Word, Google docs, etc. Else, also feel free to upload pre-designed documents from your system.

For onboarding, for instance, you can include a welcome note or video, ask the employees to upload key documents, request feedback, and also assign tasks to the employee and even other stakeholders, while also assigning timelines for completion.

A sample view of how an onboarding journey can be designed on Tydy

Finalize who the content needs to be delivered to

Personalize each journey that you create. 

Not every employee sees every journey you create but only the ones relevant to them.

You can personalize journeys for different departments, roles, bands, locations, teams, and so much more.

Personalize and auto-assign each Tydy Journey as required

Finally, click on that ‘Save’ button and your Tydy onboarding  journey is ready for your new hires!

Bonus! Once launched, you have access to a bunch of analytics to see the success and reach of your Tydy Journey.

Tydy's Unified Profile View - see everything in one place!

Tydy Journeys are so simple, your employees will love it

Tydy Journeys will not just make your life easier, they will also make life simpler for your employees too.

Your employees can view the journeys assigned to them and dive right in from a single platform. 

For your new hires, be it reminders about meetings with their managers, submitting key documents, access to company policies, or a welcome video note - it is all there in one place. 

They’ll know exactly when each of these tasks need to be completed and you’ll have a full view of how far in the journey every single employee is, without having to drop a message or an email.

Imagine how much time and effort that’s going to save you!

How your employees will see their Journeys on Tydy

Final thoughts: Tydy Journeys delivers automated and personalized employee experience

Wondering if automated and personalized fit in the same sentence?

Well, it does when it comes to Tydy Journeys.

Personalized employee experience is the future. And personalization at scale is not possible without automation.

That’s the tough nut Tydy Journeys has cracked for you.

Tydy lets you create as many personalized journeys as you want within your organization. Our content team will also help you design the content.

And then you can sit back and watch as your efforts blossom into powerful metrics of employee experience.

Want to see Tydy Journeys in action? Book your one-on-one demo to take it for a spin!

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