How data can help you win the EX game

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As consumers, we live in a data-driven world. Our food app prompts us to get our favorite meal for lunch. Our content app recommends videos and podcasts we might like based on our earlier consumption. Our e-commerce app tells us when our spouse’s birthday is round the corner. So on and so forth. And because it makes so much sense, we have come to expect that level of personalization everywhere, don’t we?

Within workplaces too, employees are now expecting similar delightful experiences. Tydy's Kiran Menon, Sana Nayyar from Urban Company, Rama Subramanian K from Swiggy, and Assish Kaul from SHRM reflect on these expectations and discuss:

  1. What employee experience really means
  1. What are the obstacles and challenges in designing the perfect employee experience
  1. And what is the employer experience

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