The Secret of Onboarding

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Onboarding is the most data-rich process in employee experience management. On average, organizations collect 250-300 data points from each individual. But once onboarding-related compliance and paperwork are done, this immensely valuable data lies unutilized in an HR system.

When it comes to customer experience, similar data is used by Netflix to recommend movies to its viewers, by Amazon to remind us about pending products in our carts and by food delivery apps to notify us about offers at our favorite restaurants. And we all love it!

So can data be used in a similar fashion to transform boring processes into delightful experiences for employees?

The answer is yes and in this webinar, you can learn just that:

  1. How to use data beyond compliance to deliver experiences to employees?
  1. How data can help personalize employee experiences?
  1. How behavioral data can help predict attrition?
  1. How personal data can enable employees to stay motivated at work?
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