Employee Journeys: Moving beyond moments that matter

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Employee experience (EX) is a vast, multi-modal concept. Until a few years ago, focusing on a select few moments that matter gave EX experts control over driving change and demonstrating results in this space. However, as EX continues to evolve, the relevance of moments that matter may be declining.

Today, moments that matter can almost seem like a band-aid solution. Will giving great experiences at select moments in an employee’s journey truly suffice in today’s times? Is there a better way to manage employee experience now that goes beyond moments that matter?

In this webinar, Kiran & Gaurabh discuss:

  1. Why moments that matter may not be the best way to deliver a great experience anymore
  2. How ‘Journeys’ is a better and newer way to enhance employee experience
  3. How Tydy manages ‘Journeys’ for enterprises?

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