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Our Purpose

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Children are beings of curiosity. They always want to know more and understand why certain things work the way they do. My 5 year old is always asking me “why?", and I’m sure anyone who has a child knows this question all too well.

As we grow older, and get bogged down by life and all it's rules and processes, we lose that ability to ask "why". However, at certain occasions in our adult life - we catch ourselves asking this question about the way things work.

Why does something work the way it does? Can it not change? Is there not another way!? Maybe better, maybe shorter, maybe more efficient?

And that curiosity is what led us down the startup path.

After over a decade and a half in the corporate world, I had a lot of “why can’t this be done better?” questions swirling in my head. Many were just sitting there in my mind's vacuum - but then a couple of them kept coming back to taunt me.

Why can’t the world of work be different from what it is today? Why can’t we use the power of technology to make work a better place?

It's no secret that HR's relevance is often questioned in the corporate world. However, if done right, it can be quite a powerful enabler for a better workplace. So, how could we empower them and the workplace more? How can we use data and automation to transform the experience for the workforce of today?

Start of the journey

As most entrepreneurs would tell you - what you start off with is often shaped and moulded a thousand times over in the first couple of years. Pivots, product modifications,  back-to-the-drawing-board moments are aplenty. In fact, we still see that happening in our journey towards building a business and an institution.

I have always wanted to build something that will stand the test of time. An institution that people know and respect. I was naive enough to think that it was something that could be built in a matter of three to four years and then I could put my feet up and enjoy a retired life.

However, the journey and the destination keep me motivated to this day - and I would not trade it for any thing else, even though it will take me slightly longer to get there 😇.

Why the workplace?

The answer is simple - I have been part of small businesses, large multinational workplaces and everything in between. In fact, it's the only thing I have known for the last 14 or so years. As an employee and manager, I had a lot of ideas on how to improve the way work was done. On how we could make it easier and more efficient.

And there was the coming of age of Data and Automation as well. Software was eating the world and the workplace needed some eating of it's own too. This could be done by harnessing the latest technology and automating processes that were traditionally done manually and on spreadsheets. By digitizing data to make it available for orchestration and delivery.

Our Purpose

When we started Tydy, my co-founders and I knew that we wanted to have an impact on the workplace. On the way work is done. On improving the experience. On using data and technology to make things easier, faster and better.

After much soul searching we framed our purpose statement, our reason for being.

We are here to Make Work a Better Place.

Driving our purpose forward

Today, Tydy is one of the only Employee Data Platforms out there. We work with some of the most respected employer brands in the world and the employee experience processes powered by us have won them global acclaim and awards. While we wear this badge of honor with great pride, it also motivates us to keep going and keep building to make work a better place.

It's been a little over four+ years but we have only begun our journey. There are so many ways to use data to empower individuals and organizations and we are committed to discovering and creating better ways in order to develop a powerful ecosystem that brings together personalization and automation of the experience.

Today, our core pillar is employee data management that begins with onboarding, but benefits personalization, internal movements or transitions, off boarding, alumni management and even ongoing data sanctity are still key concerns for organizations of all sizes. There is still a lot to do and our purpose statement helps guide our way there.

If you want to know more or chat with me about our purpose and our experience thus far - feel free to reach out.

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