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ChatGPT prompts that can make life easier for HR

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[10+ AI prompts that you can copy-paste]

Before we even get started, let’s get one thing straight: No ChatGPT, no AI can ever solve interpersonal issues, nurture a workplace culture and help navigate a crisis, like the pandemic, the way an HR professional can.

As a matter of fact, that’s what OpenAI’s ChatGPT has to say too!

ChatGPT's response to replacing an HR professional
ChatGPT's response to replacing an HR professional

With that out of the way, we have to say that the free tool, ChatGPT can definitely make life easier for HR professionals, just like it is doing for marketers, content creators and SEO experts. You just need to get those prompts right and ta-da! you can get a bunch of things that would otherwise take hours done in just minutes.

1. Automate all that writing work!

“AI tools are excellent solutions to overcome writer’s block. It may be hard to believe, but HR work requires a lot of writing, from emails to job descriptions to announcements and surveys. Tools like ChatGPT are a perfect starting point for building any kind of text or document. It’s much easier to begin writing with a draft instead of a blank page”, said Karolina Kijowska, Head of People at PhotoAiD when asked about ChatGPT.

If you’ve been spending precious hours drafting that job description or rejection email or company-wide announcement, you can easily create templates using ChatGPT. Of course, as Karolina points out, the draft may require a few edits but it is better to start with something than having to write it all from scratch.

For your use, here are some content ChatGPT prompts that you can either copy-paste or use as inspiration for your communication requirements.

✦ ChatGPT Prompt #1 for job descriptions
Create a job description for [Job Title] at [Company Name]. The ideal candidate should have [Requirements/Qualifications]. They will be responsible for [Responsibilities/Key Tasks]

✦ ChatGPT Prompt #2 for a company-wide announcement
Create an email template for a company-wide announcement. The announcement is about [Announcement Topic]. The email should include [Key Information/Details], as well as a [Call to Action/Next Steps]. The tone of the email should be [Tone/Style], and it should be addressed to [Audience/Recipients]

✦ ChatGPT Prompt #3 for emails to candidates
Create an email template for recruiters to send to candidates. The email should be sent at [Instance] and include [Information/Details]. The tone of the email should be [Tone/Style] and it should be addressed to [Candidate's Name]

You can also go a step further and use ChatGPT to get email sequences created for continuous engagement with, say, a new hire or candidate.

✦ ChatGPT Prompt #4 for email series 
Create an email series to engage with [type of employees] on [name the occasion/situation]. The series should include [Number of Emails] emails, each addressing [topic]. The tone of the emails should be [Tone/Style] and they should be addressed to [Audience/Recipients]. Each email should include [Key Information/Details] and a [Call to Action/Next Steps].

Additional Tip: The more descriptive you are with what you want, the better results ChatGPT can generate for you.

2. Check content for grammar, spelling…and inclusivity!

Run your policy documents, emails and just about anything through ChatGPT to get it checked for language, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors or even change the tone of communication.

✦ ChatGPT prompt #5 for proofreading content
Check this copy for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Change the tone of communication to [tone/style]: [Add URL or text] 
Change the tone of your communication using ChatGPT
Change the tone of your communication using ChatGPT

You can also take it a step further and check for bias in your language too.

✦ ChatGPT prompt #6 to check for bias
Check this page: [Add text or URL] for inclusive language. Flag any bias based on gender, race, age, sexuality and more. And rewrite the copy to make it inclusive and bias-free.

In fact, Grace He, People and Culture Director at teambuilding.com shared a deeper glimpse of the potential AI can have on checking bias. “I have come across an interesting example where AI was used in HR to combat unconscious bias during the job interview process. The company used a language processing tool that analyzed the content of the job interviews and flagged any instances of biased language or behavior. This allowed the company to identify areas where they needed improvement and create more fair and equitable hiring practices.”

Additional Tip: You can also ask ChatGPT to summarize long documents and web pages for you. Here’s a handy prompt:

✦ ChatGPT prompt #7 to summarize documents
Can you summarize this page: [Add URL or copy the text] and give me the important ideas as bullet points.

3. Prep for hard conversations with ChatGPT

If there’s one team in an organization that has to have hard conversations day in and day out, that’s got to be the HR team. You have no idea what situation could get thrown at you and even the best of us can sometimes do with some prep.

ChatGPT can help you roleplay hard conversations, give you possible questions you may get asked, and even rate the way you handled it.

✦ ChatGPT prompt #8 for role playing conversations
Let's roleplay. You are [define who ChatGPT needs to be]. I'm your [define your role in relation to ChatGPT]. [Establish context - what the conversation is about]. Ask me the most probable questions that [ChatGPT’s character] would ask and at the end of the conversation, give me feedback.
Ask ChatGPT to role play tough conversations
Ask ChatGPT for feedback

4. Compare HR solutions

Evaluating payroll, onboarding or performance management tools?

ChatGPT can generate comparison sheets that make the evaluation more easy and streamlined for you.

✦ ChatGPT prompt #9 for HR solution evaluation
Create a comparison table to evaluate the features, pricing, ease of use, customer support and customer ratings of [product 1], [product 2] and [product 3]
Generate product comparison tables with ChatGPT
Generate product comparison tables with ChatGPT

5. Generate checklists, surveys & interview questions

Onboarding checklists, question banks for candidate interviews and survey questions, you name it (and if you name it well!), ChatGPT can generate it for you.

✦ ChatGPT #10 for checklists
You work in HR in a global [industry] company with [no. of employees]. Now create a checklist for [add situation]

✦ ChatGPT #11 for interview questions
You work in HR. Now generate [number of questions] interview questions for the position of a [position] to evaluate [skillset 1], [skillset 2], [skillset 3]

✦ ChatGPT #12 for survey questions
You work in HR. Generate a [number of questions]-question questionnaire to gather employee feedback on [describe what you need feedback on. Eg: workplace culture]. Avoid leading questions, loaded questions, double-barreled questions. And do not use absolutes in the questions.

Of course, exercise caution while using ChatGPT

There are downsides to generative AI and exercising caution is important, points out Caroline Reidy, Managing Director of The HR Suite. “Programs like ChatGPT have shown a tendency to make up answers and have bias inherent in the system. Until these platforms can learn from a more diverse pool of data and have been proven to be more reliable, I won’t be using them.”

Samsung’s recent data leak where some employees accidently shared confidential information on ChatGPT is another reason why we need to be extremely careful while using the tool in the workplace. HR professionals specifically should avoid exposing PII data to AI models.

And lastly, fact-check! Not everything that ChatGPT generates is 100% accurate.

With all that in mind, when used well you can do so much with this tool. The prompts above are just the beginning as people are discovering more and more ways to make work easier and more efficient.

P.S: This blog has been reviewed and approved by ChatGPT ;)

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