The only complete

onboarding platform.

Capture any and all data. Set up automations with no IT help. Curate personalized journeys for absolutely everyone. Sip coffee and watch your dashboard to know what is going on. 

Smart Forms

Never fill a form twice

Digital & Online forms to capture new hire data 
Tydy creates a single data form to collect all the new hire data you require from a compliance and organization perspective. 

Capture data based on location & country requirements
Tydy's Smart Form will automatically ask for specific data based on country and government requirements. 

Automatically generate digital PDFs
Once data has been submitted, Tydy will automatically create PDFs for Government and Statutory forms and even company-specific forms. 

Automate the data
Data is the lifeblood of your processes and we understand that. Once captured, you can rely on Tydy to ensure that the right data goes to the right system or person at the right time. And best of all, you can set it up and manage it as a business user. 

Codeless Automation

The smart way to manage "Busy Work" 

Integrate Data Flows with all your systems
Tydy gives you the power to forget about data orchestration. The platform picks up the relevant bits of profile & onboarding information and syncs it with the right systems at just the right time. Sounds magical - because it is. 

Automate Follow Ups with Key Stakeholders
Following up with the teams, manager, IT, Facilities and other roles can be tedious and time consuming. Leave it to Tydy and enjoy a hot cup of coffee instead.

Get every one on the same page with data
Bring IT, Vendor Teams, Business Teams and everyone else together on one platform that gives them the right notifications, escalations and data to enable action. 

Standardize & manage global onboarding
A single platform to manage onboarding across locations and regions. Tydy gives you the tools to develop and manage a global strategy for onboarding.

Personalized Journeys

Personalization at scale.

Powerful Digital Content Management System
With Tydy's content editor, send powerful and engaging content that is made for mobiles and digital devices. Infographics, videos, flash cards come alive on the platform.

Deliver communication and information at just the right time
Tydy captures your teams, managers, subject matter experts knowledge through easy to use creation tools and organizes it into a single source of truth.

Segmentation for true personalization
Send only the communication and information that's relevant for the individual. Use Tydy Targeting to segment new hires by location, department, role etc.

Gamified & Omnichannel
WIth game mechanics and a mobile-first experience, your new hires are engaged through the entire journey.

Personal Journey Map
Your new hires will always know where they are in the journey and process and how much they have completed. In fact, Tydy makes it very easy for a new hire to understand their path.

Control Center

Your single dashboard to manage it all. 

360 Degree View to Onboarding
Tydy gives you the ability to determine where each person is in their journey and how much has been completed and what is pending.

Early warning signals 
For the first time, you get early warning signals showing you who is potentially slipping away and those who are inactive.

Intelligent Insights
Spot patterns and trends from your onboarding journey. Uncover hidden insights and data that can help you streamline the process further and improve onboarding for your future new hires.

Know what's working and what's not
Data pulled in about every single interaction, event and action gives you insights on what is working, what content is not relevant, what are you missing and much more.

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Building an inclusive

Talent Strategy

The book published by Diversity Best Practices includes a case study on how Unilever harnesses Tydy's Onboarding Automation to kick-start and inculcate inclusion in the employee experience. 

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