Offboarding. Quick & Painless.

Your relationship with your employee doesn't need to end when they quit. Make offboarding smooth and meaningful as you transition your people into a strong alumni community and the best brand ambassadors you can ever have.

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Give business teams direct access to data to self-serve their use cases for offboarding.
Whether is 2 countries or 100 countries, create geo-specific nuances in minutes.
Scale up the process, the people and the teams as you continue to grow with no IT involvement.
Replace expensive and time-consuming processes with scalable automation.

The complete offboarding suite

One-click offboarding
Click a button and let Tydy orchestrate and automate the offboarding experience.
De-provision software
Setting up IDs and software is a pain. But, we know that the opposite is where the real pain is.
Document Management
We make the process seamless with one place ot manage recommendation letters, docs and more.
Asset collection
Not just software, make sure all your physical assets are collected with ease.
Exit interview & analysis
There are many ways to get feedback, however, what you do with it makes all the difference.

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Make offboarding painless and manage all operational and documentation with zero manual work. Sounds like a dream? 

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