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Revolutionizing Employee Experience: How Tydy’s Employee Data Platform Transforms Businesses  

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Originally published in CXOToday

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview withKiran Menon, CEO & Co-Founder at Tydy  

Tydy is described as the first-ever Employee Data Platform. Could you elaborate on how this platform transforms the employee experience and the benefits it offers to businesses?

Teams today have to log in to multiple apps, pull data from each one and run things manually while struggling to get the right intelligence on people. As companies scale, the People Ops landscape gets very complicated. Every app has its own interface and its own dashboards.

Tydy unifies data across these apps and gives People Ops teams one system for Automation and People Analytics. Business users are given the freedom to show real impact without the need for IT.

Tydy is critical for organizations who have already invested in multiple systems and apps and are looking for a way to manage the data flow across the various stakeholders. Given that most businesses use multiple workplace tools such as HRMS, payroll, IT Helpdesk, tools for wellness, verification, performance management, survey tools, learning tools and probably a dozen more – the need for Tydy is critical to enable the use of this data securely. Tydy plays the role of a platform that unifies and orchestrates data while delivering access to the right person at the right time.  

Personalization and automation are key aspects of Tydy’s approach. Can you provide examples of how Tydy empowers business users to create hyper-personalized processes for employees?

Currently, in most companies, the employee experience is fragmented, disconnected and cookie-cutter. With the increased adoption of HR technology and software solutions, people teams are struggling to connect all their disparate data sources to get one comprehensive, real-time view of their employees.

Meanwhile with remote and hybrid work, employees are feeling increasingly disconnected from the whole – like another faceless cog in the wheel. The ability to personalize their experience is a huge advantage that promotes a sense of belonging, loyalty and overall wellbeing.

With Tydy, HR teams are able to truly see who their employees are and what their unique challenges, aspirations, and personal and professional goals are.

Tydy provides tools that people teams can use to design and deliver hyper-personalized experiences. A few examples are:

Personalized onboarding experience

The new hire onboarding process is customized to suit the new employee’s role, background, location, or preferences. Tailored content, custom welcome kits, personalized introductions to  buddies or mentors, and tasks relevant to their unique role or position help the new hire feel welcome and valuable from Day One.

Hyper-personalized learning journeys

Our customers can deliver tailored learning plans that are specifically designed to suit each employee’s skills and interests. The plans take into account the individual’s career trajectory, desired growth areas, and even their learning pace and style.

Tailored benefits

Whether it’s flexible working hours for parents, additional health benefits for older employees, or student loan assistance for recent graduates, employees get personalized content about the benefits that are most relevant to them. This shows them that the company knows who they are and their unique situation.

These are just a few of the many use cases Tydy enables. Some others are personalized manager transitions, global mobility, compliance, and offboarding.  

Tydy has some impressive enterprise customers, including Cipla, Swiggy, and Genpact. What sets Tydy apart and makes it the preferred choice for these global enterprises?

Tydy is the world’s first platform that brings all the disparate workplace systems and processes together. Think of every single touchpoint or interaction between employee and employer – Tydy unifies data across every tool or app for a truly seamless experience.

By consolidating and syncing employee data – personal, performance, event, behavior, and feedback data, the biggest advantage Tydy’s customers have is the ability to automate and streamline complex people operations, personalize journeys throughout the employee lifecycle, and drive intelligence that helps in workforce planning.

Tydy delivers true business ROI saving these companies as much as 18,000 human hours of manual work, making sure people are productive at least 2X faster, and significantly reducing voluntary turnover.  

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, how does Tydy plan to stay innovative and adaptable to continue serving the needs of its clients effectively?

Tydy went to market in 2019 as an employee onboarding product focused on delivering a data-driven and personalized new hire experience that actively promoted a consumer-centric approach to designing the employee experience. But with time, Tydy grew in capacity and ambition to transform not just the onboarding experience, but the employee experience across the entire lifecycle – from hire to retire. But this was just one facet that propelled Tydy’s growth into a serious enterprise SaaS product. By going down the data rabbit hole, Tydy unlocked the capability to also automate, manage and streamline Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) for employee data.

As a growing, global and hybrid team building an enterprise-grade solution for some of the largest employer brands in the world, innovation, problem solving and adaptability are built into our DNA. We have built cutting-edge AI capabilities into the product roadmap in order to provide the best solution to our customers. Ultimately, Tydy’s vision is to make work a better place for everyone, and we believe data lies at the heart of attaining that goal.  

What are the technology trends and innovations in the HR and employee management space that Tydy is closely watching and possibly incorporating into its platform?

Employee experience and management is an ever-evolving field. In fact it’s an exciting time for those working in this space because of the massive shifts taking place every single day. Some of the HR and employee management trends that we are closely watching are:

Data and analytics – Every company has a plethora of data at their perusal. Although Tydy already uses data and analytics to provide personalized employee experience, there is always better ways to utilize it to improve decision-making at all levels.

Hybrid workforce planning – The rise of remote and hybrid work has led to a greater need for visibility and intelligent insights based on real-time, unified data.

The rise of AI – The era of AI is rising across industries and employee engagement is not left behind. Whether it’s to drive better engagement or performance management or better learning journeys, AI will enable people teams to scale operations without necessarily scaling headcount or other resources.

Competition for talent – Companies are now looking to hire the right person from any where in the world. And this increases the need to improve and deliver the best possible digital employee experience.  

Could you share some success stories or case studies that highlight the tangible benefits Tydy has brought to its clients in terms of employee experience and workforce management?

Tydy is the only solution that enables business users to personalize the employee experience in every way possible. And with early adopters like Genpact, EXL, Asian Paints, etc. Tydy has showcased many tangible benefits it was able to get for these enterprises.

1. Tydy worked with one of the biggest FMCG companies to create a personalized employee onboarding process for every new hiring. Because of this, the experience of a new employee entering the IT team in Malaysia in a senior leadership position was very different from that of a new employee joining the Operations team in India at the mid-manager level. Unilever was able to reduce early attrition by 65% by creating these customized experiences for employees.

2. At EXL, Tydy is used to send out customized communications campaigns to all new hires at regular intervals, starting from offer acceptance onwards. Ever since Tydy was deployed, their new hire engagement levels have gone up by 80%.

EXL also creates and runs multiple surveys to keep track of each individual journey, ensuring engagement levels remain high. This has proven especially useful during periods of change, for e.g. the COVID-19 Pandemic.

3. At Genpact, the People Ops team can manage their vendor performance by tracking TAT compliance through Tydy. They can monitor exactly which BGV vendors are within TAT and which ones are not – helping them make better decisions in terms of cost and time optimization.

4. For Cipla, Tydy automated and streamlined their once heavily manual new hire data and document collection process using the Smart Form feature. The Employee Application Form we created is user-intuitive and automatically flags instances where all the documents aren’t uploaded by the new employee. Based on the data filled in the EAF, other forms get auto-populated, reducing manual, repetitive work.

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