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Beyond 2023: Tydy’s predictions for AI trends reshaping HR dynamics in large enterprises

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Authored by Kiran Menon. Originally published in Financial Express.

Predictions are running wild – and it’s especially running wild with AI predictions. Is 2024 going to be the year AI becomes a mainstream enterprise? There have been multiple promises of AI magic over the years – but nothing really stood out. Chatbots came and went and made a dent in some areas, but it’s still not there from an employee perspective.

The last 12 months have been about Generative AI, OpenAI, ChatGPT, and a thousand startups being born from it. A lot of barely successful experiments later, enterprises are still looking for use cases that make business sense. However, from where I sit, there are 1-2 that are proving to hold promise for AI and GenAI in HR in 2024.

The Prediction – It’s all about Summarization

As I make this prediction, I am looking into my crazy crystal ball and only looking at the next 12-15 months as a horizon—nothing beyond that.

I predict that Summarization is going to be the killer HR AI use case for 2024. There are two possible use cases for summarization.

Document Summarization

Take long-form documents, think policies, benefits, etc, and use GenAI to give me a contextual summary of it.

Imagine you enter a simple prompt like “What is the policy for a sabbatical in the company?” Now GenAI has the capability to easily let you know what that answer is by searching through a 40-page document and finding that paragraph about Sabbatical Leave. However, what would be more powerful is when GenAI knows enough about you and gives a contextual answer.

“Hi Kiran, since you have been working in this company for over 5 years, you are now eligible to take a 3-month sabbatical with a 95% salary paid every month. However, you need to give your manager a 2-month notice before taking this sabbatical.”

Now, the above hypothetical answer combines the power of GenAI summarization and good data fed into for additional context. It’s extremely powerful stuff.

Data Summarization

As an Employee Data Platform, we see this firsthand… There is a ton of data but it’s extremely difficult to drive meaningful intelligence from it. The reason is that data is spread across multiple silos, multiple systems, and multiple teams.

And, I am sure you completely relate when I say that means multiple Excel sheet downloads and pivot tables and hours of manual work to try and find an iota of intelligence from all that data.

I believe that AI has the power of summarization – a power that can be harnessed to make sense of the abundance of data that sits in every one of our organizations – but can never be used cause of its scale.

With summarization as my main and perhaps only prediction for AI in the enterprise – I feel 2024 will be the start of something much bigger. The importance of using AI to assist and aid us in our roles becomes the spotlight. And with more and more data being accumulated, it’s the most sensible starting point for AI’s long journey in the enterprise and for HR.

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