for EX teams

Chuck the cookie cutter. Make PBJ’s instead.

That’s right - Persona-Based Journeys make a better EX.

The EX engine built for personalization.


Audience segmentation

Create multiple Employee Personas based on role, location, marital status, caregiver status, etc.

Targeted campaigns

Design beautiful multi-format campaigns that can be triggered based on Personas.

Tasks & notifications

Set up and assign tasks to everyone - new hires, managers, buddies, IT, and even leadership.  


Pre-day 1 engagement

Don’t miss a moment. Start engaging your candidates right after offer acceptance.

Onboarding journeys

Create one-and-done journeys for new hires. Get your onboarding checklist done, and more.

Offboarding and alumni journeys

Transition your people into strong alumni and the best brand ambassadors you can ever have.


Event-based and pulse surveys

Gather relevant and timely feedback that you can actually use to improve processes and EX.

Exit Surveys

Complete your offboarding by asking the right questions at the right time.

Behavioral insights

Understand employee behavior - where they drop off, the content they like, the tasks they avoid, and so much more.

Bring everything and everyone together with our
Employee Data Platform.

Supercharge your 

employee experience