Make better decisions, take faster action.

Tydy’s Employee Data Platform is solving some of the most challenging business problems you face today: breaking down data silos to power smarter and faster decision making, which enables quicker action - from onboarding to offboarding.

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Why do you need an Employee Data Platform?

Employee Data Platforms are becoming essential for companies who want to get more out of their data. With multiple apps, systems and tools being adopted, people have more moving pieces and data to keep track of. This means more searching, more coordinating between people and teams, and a longer path to making smart decisions that are immediately actionable.

What is an EDP anyway?

Tydy is creating the gold standard for EDPs with a breadth of integrations, automation, collaboration and personalization capabilities, and real-time data insights that help drastically cut down time to action.

If you need to unify all your data sitting in different places, make faster and smarter data-driven decisions and take quick action to get things done well and in the most efficient way possible, you need an EDP.

What can an EDP do for you?

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Capture & manage data

Unify and orchestrate data from multiple sources for a single source of truth. Eliminate manual coordination, stay on top of compliance, assign and complete tasks - basically get it all done.

Segment & target

Set up as many personas as you need based on customizable criteria. Tailor communications, benefits, training programs, tasks, notifications, etc. through persona-based journeys.

Make smart decisions, fast

Get real-time insights that you can act on immediately and confidently. Set up approvals, flag issues, identify opportunities, and spot trends. Be proactive, not reactive.

Very easy to navigate and use, the possibility to create customizable journeys and have data insights on candidates' engagement and content performance were especially useful. The team is responsive and always there to support.

Valeriya N