Hidden Stories in Your Employee Data

In theory, we all know that data has huge potential. But most organizations hardly harness employee data to its full potential. Lying siloed in numerous HR systems, the potential of data to deliver personalized employee experience at scale is untapped in a lot of enterprises.

But things are changing. At Tydy, we’ve stories from customers who’ve managed to achieve valuable ROI from data. Unilever reduced first-year attrition by 65% using data-led personalization. EXL was able to automate the delivery of a bouquet of flowers to its new hires. AB InBev was able to onboard 1000 new employees in 24-36 hours.

In this webinar, we’ll share our learnings on:

  1. How data can be used for personalization (with Unilever case study)

  1. How data transforms processes (with EXL case study)

  1. How data empowers managers

  1. How data powers cultural change overnight (with AB InBev case study)


October 5, 2021

TIME (in IST):

4:00 pm