Use Cases

We service businesses across industries and across verticals. However, we have learnings from each that we make sure gets distilled down to all our engagements.

Tydy in Retail

The first step in our engagement was to bite-size all the onboarding information - from culture, to history, brands and more. We then mapped the entire process in to Tydy and automated personalized campaigns for each new hire joining - based on role, level, department and other such data points.

Once Tydy started running the entire onboarding & training program, the retailer has received rave reviews from the new hires and even seen time to productivity become much more favorable.

Since initial deployment, the adoption rate has consistently stayed over 85% for over 2 years now.

Tydy in Pharma

With teams spread over multiple locations, Tydy engages with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to streamline the onboarding and training processes.

With sales teams, research teams, operations and much more - the need for a solution that was available on any device and yet did not consume more than 4-5 minutes of an individual's time every day was the need of the hour. Tydy converted all the onboarding, compliance and functional training content into bite size campaigns to deliver a beautiful device-agnostic experience.

Time to productivity in the onboarding process has been drastically optimized and with over 83% adoption rate across all global locations.

Tydy in Manufacturing

Building an EHS program and a safety consciousness in a manufacturing company is of business importance. With the goal to reduce workplace safety incidents, Tydy set out to create a completely gamified and bite-sized training program on Environment, Health & Safety for this Fortune500 enterprise.

With over 9500 employees as part of the program, Tydy picked up what was plain EHS training content, converted it in to interactive bite-size flash cards and videos that gave teams the freedom to complete and remember the training at their own pace. And the kicker? It took them less than 4-5 minutes a day.

The company had over 85% retention rate at the end of the program.

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