Tydy Tea Time

Our 30 minute podcast where we speak our minds about all things 'happening' in workplaces around the world, and wonder out aloud about what the future holds.

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31 min 58 sec
What can land you your dream job and an attractive pay package? An enviable degree from the top college in the world? Or all the experience you've acquired on the job that can never be replicated in a classroom? And what should recruiters value more?
28 min 18 sec
So what's the deal with moonlighting? And should companies really be losing sleep over it? Or is it just old wine in a new bottle?
26 min 30 sec
Listen in to Tydy Tea Time to find out why- only 12% of leaders believe their employees are being productive- a whopping 87% employees believe they've never worked harder
24 min 20 sec
It can write code. It can write content. It can explain complex topics. And even give relationship advice. But will ChatGPT replace you and me? What will it make redundant?
29 min 49 sec
Imposter syndrome is common among high-achievers. Some studies even show that during their careers, women have a higher tendency of feeling like an imposter. But is it really that bad? Are there many others out there who have it? And is there anything you can do about it?

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