Automated workflows built for your people processes

From employee onboarding to engagement initiatives and learning programs Tydy's workflow manager will be the only one you need to manage your people processes across various systems.
HR workflow engine

A complete workflow manager

Automate all your processes through messages, videos, documents, images, notifications, tasks and much more through one platform.

Manage multiple HR events through the workflow

Create triggers across systems

Create checks & balances based on data from various systems and processes. Whether it's employee onboarding or learning - Tydy pulls data from & pushes data back to multiple systems - making it simple & easy for you to automate.

HR Workflow Automation at it's best

Build workflows that make sense for you

Create workflows for your teams, locations, job roles and just about any way you want to. An employee could be assigned to multiple workflows at one time - making the system infinitely scalable for you.

A simple & easy-to-use interface

No coders required. No techies involved. You can create, edit & manage the workflows from any where in the world.

Templates & best practices

With Tydy, you will also get templates & best practices that will you learn from the best.

Let's get started.