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Segment & target for guided journeys.

Tydy Journeys can be customized based on location, department, work level, role, skills and just about any other data point you can imagine. Make every bit of information you share count - make it relevant.

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Notification Manager

Contextual & 
timely notifications.

Notify the right stakeholders at the right time, with the right data. Whether it's task based, or a reminder - Tydy is the only collaborative EX management platform that brings the whole team together.

Surveys & Pulse

Feedback simplified. No more postmortem analysis.

Don't wait for Day 30 or Day 60. Act immediately.

Tydy's proprietary Pulse Feedback module, gives you the ability to set custom escalation rules. Collect feedback in real-time and make your employees feel heard and seen.

Become a proactive organization.

Feedback is only useful when it's acted upon as soon as possible. Tydy makes your organization more proactive by monitoring employee sentiment during those moments that matter.

Data & Document Manager

Capture data & documents. Anywhere. Anytime.

Go paperless with Tydy - anywhere in the world. Capturing data from your employees is now super simple. Whether it's vaccine certificates for Return to Work or Visa documentation.

Tydy candidate marketing - attract attention

We deliver on our promise to our customers, and it shows.

Unified Profile View

A single view for all processes and people.  Finally!

Everything you need to know, one one page.

The Unified Profile delivers data on journey completion, process completion, data collection and much more in one simple to use view.

A first in the industry. No more collating excel sheets.

Tydy's Unified Profile View is the first time you can see all the data points, status and profile details on one page. You can forget about excel sheets nightmares with Tydy.

Reporting & Intelligence

Intelligent insights like never before.

Early warning signals that show who's a potential flight risk.

Proprietary insights like "Slipping Away" and "Completion Rates" give your people teams the data to understand who is disengaged and most likely to drop off. So you can intervene quickly and efficiently.

Zoom in to one person or zoom out to the whole company.

Tydy's insights section delivers data that allows you to zoom in to each individual, a department, a location or even a combination of these. In real time.


Connect your data to see the full story.

Integrate your people data across all your enterprise systems and get the insights you need. Tydy integrates with your ATS and recruitment systems, your HRMS, your payroll, vendors, helpdesk, IT systems and much more. In any country and across all the countries you are present in.

Smarter workplace

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