Build long lasting relationships.

Offboarding is an opportunity to continue to deliver a great experience and transition outgoing employees in to brand ambassadors and alumni.

"Offboarding is an opportunity to build on the relationship.

Gather feedback.

Gather the feedback that matters. While Tydy enables you to be a more proactive organization through the employee lifecycle, through offboarding and exit - it's important to understand what led them to the decision.

Capture data with forms
Best practices on data collection
Tydy candidate marketing - attract attention

Full and final settlement made easy.

With Tydy data engine, all the employee data is synced across all enterprise systems and in minutes a full and final settlement can be arrived at.

One platform for all vendors
Built in reporting & analytics
Route data & docs easily
Build business rules with no IT

Generate the documents

Relieving letters, settlement docs, recommendations and much more is automated and personalized for everyone.

Bite sized communication
Powerful & easy CMS
Create and build unlimited journeys

Automate de-provisioning.

We make it really easy for IT teams to set up data flows and automate notifications and alerts to shut down accounts and IDs.

Create Employee ID
Create enterprise system IDs
Manage routing of data
Authorizations and Permissions

Timely notifications and tasks

Give your teams a heads up for tasks due, notifications and alerts and even custom data reports & flows.

Integrate across all systems
Automate data flows
Standardize processes across countries
Error reports and more

Offboarding is a chance to build on the relationship.

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