Attract, engage & convert your candidates.

Capture interests, skills and personal data that can be leveraged to attract the right candidates, convert them to accept your offer, and run complete engagement campaigns at scale — all in one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Attract attention

Create content and campaigns your target job seekers cannot ignore. Attract them with hyper-personalized content and communication based on data points like skills, career ambitions, work experience and much more.

Capture data with forms
Segment job seekers
Target with personalized campaigns
Tydy candidate marketing - attract attention

Convert the right candidates

Build deeper relationships, and turn your ideal candidates into new hires through the interview and offer acceptance stages.

Targeted content journeys
Build milestone-based paths
Engage with pulse feedback

Target your active and inactive candidates

Tydy helps you target not just those that are currently in the pipeline. But your database is constantly growing and Tydy helps you engage even those that have not been converted in the past.

Improve with data

Bring your recruiting team together by translating data into strategies that move the needle and help improve conversion rates.

360 Deg View of each candidate
Engagement dashboards
Integrations for seamless data flows
Tydy candidate marketing - attract attention

Specialized services

Get up and running quickly with a personalized content management team that will be responsible to create, upload and manage all the candidate marketing campaigns. Then maximize results along the way with premium training, ongoing consulting, and technical services.

Fully managed service
Content creation
Content design
Content management

It's no longer a nice to have.

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