People analytics. In real time.

Tydy delivers insights that help in your recruitment, rewards & recognition and employee performance strategies.
Tydy's people analytics engine

Find out who is going to drop off

Tydy’s predictive engine taps into multiple signals to understand whether an employee is engaged or showing signs of dropping off. We then alert admins & managers based on these signals.

Get alerts when it matters

Tydy actively sends out alerts to managers and HR teams that help them have better conversations with their employees.

Dashboards customized for each role

With Tydy, every one gets their custom dashboard to view the analytics that make sense for them. Team Managers, Recruiters, HR Admins and Exec team see the business from varied lenses.

Tap into our library of Analytics

Use Tydy’s pre-built library of questions to answer your most important business decisions. Or you could go ahead and customize your own questions that you would like answered.

Understand sentiment of the company as a whole

A real-time analysis of the culture and the engagement within the organization. Don't wait for hours to get your reports - on Tydy, it's just there for you!

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Analytics & insights that really impact employee retention.