Personalize your employee experience.

Every new hire and every employee deserves a personalized experience at the workplace. And, that's what we deliver. 

Tydy Automation for HR

The best employee experiences are built on Tydy.

Tydy harnesses data to personalize the experience through Employee Onboarding, Training and Offboarding. 

Personalized Communication

Personalize all communication for each user using merge tags for every data point.

Sophisticated Segmentation 

Segment your workforce based on location, department, role, gender and much more. 

Deliver at just the right moment

Campaigns with scheduled triggers ensures that the right message arrives at just the right time.

Flexible Content Editor

Add text, images, videos, embeds and much more to bring your messages alive. 

Behavioral Targeting 

Target communication and messages based on favorable & unfavorable behaviors. 


Use Tydy's onboarding, training and offboarding templates to get started quickly. 

Personalized Forms

Get employees to fill up forms based on their profile and local data requirements.

Personalized Document Requests

Standardize and yet personalize document requests at scale. Any where in the world. 

Smart Profiles

Get a comprehensive profile for each user that shows behaviors, activities and logs. 

Personalization as a service. Enjoyed globally.

Let our experts guide you on building the best campaigns and processes for Employee Onboarding, Training and Offboarding to ensure each individual gets the best experience.

Get started today and use our templates for documents, policies, benefits and more... 

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