Let's build together.

Tydy works with partners globally to strengthen the Employee Experience and find common success parameters. 

Let's Talk

We are building a community

Partnerships to us mean more than just a working relationship. We are building a community of products and services that can add value to the Employee Experience at our client organizations. 

We rely on our partners just as much our partners rely on us. We aim to work together to increase revenues, acquire new customers, build integrations, and envision new ways to impact value. 

Integration Partnerships

We wanna ensure that employee data flows across systems and people at just the right time. 
If you are looking to partner with us to integrate your system with Tydy - we would love to know more. 


Re-seller Partnerships

If you're a technology service provider or consultancy that wants to engage in re-imagining the Employee Experience, you can get everything we have to start re-selling Tydy to your customers or prospects. 

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