Transform your training.
What your LMS does not do.
Tydy works with you to convert your manager training, leadership training, compliance training and product training from boring and log powerpoints and documents to quick bite-sized campaigns that bring interactivity and high adoption.
Move training away from PPTs
Tydy picks up your existing training content that is locked up in Powerpoints and PDFs and converts it to interactive bite-sized campaigns.
Bite-sized training
Your managers, leadership teams and the entire workforce are no longer required to spend hours on business training, compliance training or product training. With Bite-sized campaigns, 4-5 minutes a session is all it takes.
Gamified Experience
Game mechanics on Tydy uplift the experience for each individual with nudges, leaderboards, badges and sophisticated methods of engagement.
Create Personalized Pathways
You can now create personalized pathways for employees based on roles, locations, departments, seniority or any other targeting criteria you have in mind.
Focus on retention
With Tydy, you are not just getting the transformation of bite-sized training and gamification. You are also getting a platform that focuses on increasing retention of the training material - ensuring business value and results.
Community-based training
Tydy will create cohorts of those that go through the same pathways ensuring that training happens from a community-first perspective.
Everyday, we partner with enterprises across 50+ countries to transform their internal training
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