Tydy Journeys.
Simplify your EX.

Tydy guides your employees by turning complex workflows into easy employee journeys.

Tydy Journeys are designed to deliver the best possible experience with the highest possible impact at every stage of the employee lifecycle. If the employee experience is defined by the quality of all the interactions the employee has with his or her company, then Journeys are what stitch these interactions together in the best possible sequence.

Journeys for every milestone

Retain your employees and help them grow with our roll-out-ready Journey templates.

Tydy Journeys put employees in the driver’s seat, equipping them with a customized roadmap to guide them to their destination. Whether it’s pre-onboarding, onboarding, growth, wellbeing, engagement, transitions or offboarding - each path is defined, full of moments that will not just set them up for success, but also create an experience that fosters connection, belonging, transparency and trust.

Integrate & connect the employee lifecycle

Guide employees through recommended and curated Journeys to unlock their full potential, at every stage.

Candidate Marketing

Attract and convert the best talent by delivering a personalized experience based on skills, career ambitions, work experience and more.


Build strong relationships with your new hires with engaging content and meaningful connections that will help them hit the ground running on Day 1.


Map out a high-impact Onboarding Playbook to support and guide your new employees and ensure maximum engagement and retention.


Create customized journeys based on each individual’s professional goals. Deliver relevant information, make the right connections and show them the path to success.


Encourage life-long learning and expand your employee’s skill set with guided reskilling and upskilling Playbooks designed for retention and growth.


Share crucial safety updates, set expectations - customized by location - to deliver a positive return-to-work experience for all your employees.

New Role Transition

Make transitions into new job roles seamless and easy. Share step-by-step guides, list tasks and connect to mentors and new team members.

Global Mobility

Help employees find their feet no matter where they are - whether it’s immigration related guides, culture kits or expat assistance.


Continue to deliver a great experience and transition outgoing employees into brand ambassadors and happy alumni.


Become a proactive and empathetic employer with curated content-rich Playbooks designed for physical and psychological wellbeing. Provide support before they need it.


Do everything right with a playbook designed to gather contextual feedback, increase job satisfaction, foster belonging, and recognize and retain your best talent.


Shift mindsets, behaviors and practices to make your workplace equitable and inclusive with playbooks that communicate organizational goals and eliminate barriers to participation.

Tydy helps employees achieve their goals, faster

Increase engagement

Personalize every interaction, deliver relevant information and have more meaningful conversations to drive engagement.

Boost productivity

Provide your employees the support and guidance they need to thrive. Discover and deliver an experience that will motivate them to do their best work.

Foster belonging

Build a stronger relationship based on trust and transparency. Provide access to leaders and mentors, encourage feedback and create an environment of inclusion.

Decrease attrition

Understand, intervene, engage and retain employees by making data-driven decisions to prevent employees from quitting.

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