Build a relationship with your new hires
Tydy gives you a solution to attract, engage and onboard the modern workforce.
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Tydy is a complete preboarding, onboarding & engagement solution

Relationship manager
We all know that people want relationships - not engagement. Tydy gives you the power to create long-lasting relationships with your new hires and ensure their retention.

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Beautiful content
Tydy's content team will design & create beautiful and engaging bite-sized videos, images and documents. We continue to provide the support through our journey together.

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No software
With the modern workforce being impatient - Tydy's solution does not depend on them learning new software. Being a relationship platform, Tydy delivers engagement with out the need for learning complicated new software.

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Any device
Tydy is available on any device, any where and gives your new hires freedom of access. Whether it is desktop, mobile, tablet or any other device - Tydy makes it easy for you and your new hires.

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Business Insights
Tydy helps you make sense of your people, engagement, relationship index and much more. With real-time analytics & insights, Tydy gives you an understanding of who is dropping off and who is engaged.

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It delivers everything your modern workforce wants

Breaks-down physical barriers

Whether they are on the road, in another city, remote workers, freelancers or contract-workers - Tydy lets you onboard, engage and build a relationship with all your employees.

Gives them Choice

Tydy gives your candidates, new hires and employees the choice to access the system in the way they prefer. With the revolutionary Login-less sytem - Tydy gives everyone the choice to engage the way they prefer.

Mobility is front & center

You can rest easy with Tydy's mobile interface giving every one the ability to engage with your organization on their mobile.

Bite-sized content

Tydy's content team delivers bite-sized content for your workforce. Whether it's videos, infographics or any other type of content, Tydy's content team makes it easy to consume and engage with.

Tydy is the world's first login-less engagement solution

And, it matters to your organization

No logging in
Don't you hate it when you are sent a message, doc or feedback question and you have to login to consume or complete it? We hate it too and now you no longer have to - with Tydy's login-less employee engagement system.

No learning new software
Your modern workforce does not want to learn new software every time they join a new company. Tydy delivers the notifications, tasks, alerts to systems they are already aware of and are using. It's that simple.

Delivered anywhere
The beauty of the solution lies in the fact that we can deliver your engagement on any platform. In fact, if you have a natively built system that can accept content, Tydy will deliver it there!

The Employee Economy is here and your business has fundamentally changed.

And we've got your back.