New hire experience for the modern workforce
Attract, engage and retain your new hires. After all, it is the most critical period of their relationship with you.
The Employee Economy

The individual decides whether an organization deserves their time, experience and commitment.

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The Modern Workforce wants


Work-from-home, remote working, work-life balance


Multiple offers & employment opportunities


Everything in their life is mobile first

And Tydy helps you move in to the #EmployeeEconomy

The Old World

Boring enterprise portals
Lack of a mobile experience
Not quantifiable

The New World

No need to learn new software
Personalized & customized
Insights & Analytics Driven

Give your employees an amazing welcome

With Tydy's comprehensive communication interface and any-device access, your new hires have the right information at their finger tips.

Reduce your work, by offloading manual tasks

Smart flows and automated schedulers make sure that you have more time for strategic activities. Tydy initiates & delivers the right docs, tasks, notifications and events to the right person at the right time.

We help you build the perfect engagement schedule for your new hires

Other than the automation, our Customer Success Team works with you to create a custom communication schedule for your new hire engagement and even helps in the creation & management of it.

You care about Retention. So do we.

The new hire experience is, perhaps, one of the most strategic processes for your organization. It determines whether a new hire sticks with you beyond his/her 1st year anniversary. Let Tydy make sure your new hires become succesful and retained colleagues that you will have the pleasure of working with for a long time.

Your ROI is important to us.

You have invested in shortlisting really promising candidates - now make sure they actually join and stay with you for a long time. With Tydy, you can be sure that your recruitment dollars are not sunk costs - with a real-time dashboard that shows you what you need to know.

"The generational gap is becoming a reality as engaging with younger talent differs from what was. Careers are more dynamic and younger talent has more expectations than previous generations. HR strategies will need to allow for flexibility to engage this new generation."

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Join other businesses who have deployed Tydy to make sure their new hire process is engaging and a 5-Star experience.