Flexible automation that can be molded to your process.

Your company has processes that are unique. We understand that. And, that's why we built Tydy automations to be incredibly flexible to meet your business needs. 

Tydy Automation for HR

Automate any event

Tydy gives you the flexibility to automate any event across notifications, system integrations and much more... 

SaaS Products

Connect SaaS products to your employee processes. Think Google Calendar, GMail etc.

Form Triggers

Based on data entered by the employee, trigger events and data transfer to people or systems. 

Email Triggers

Send email notifications to managers, HR, IT and others based on events in the workflow. 

Automated Reminders

Create tasks & events with automated reminders and an escalation matrix if needed. 

Scheduled Events

Schedule events based on start date, end date or just about any other event.

Completion Triggers

Create events that are triggered only on completion of a certain activity in the workflow.

Data Sync

Create scheduled daily or weekly sync of data between Tydy and your enterprise systems. 

3rd Party / Vendor Triggers

Have a flower vendor who needs to know who & when to send flowers? Tydy has you covered. 

Document Triggers 

Give employees instant notification for document approval, rejection or related events.

Join the best brands in automating their people processes and unlock returns

Start your automation journey.

With Tydy, you can start a journey of automation and digitization that puts the power of Experience in control of the employees. 

Forget about teams of developers having to create & maintain automations. With Tydy's intuitive interface, automation is at the finger tips of every individual. 

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