Unify + Action

The answer to a seamless onboarding experience is unification.

Safely connect every piece of data across all your tools, systems and apps - across HR, IT, Payroll, LMS or vendors - so you can automate processes like asset allocation, provisioning and badging and automatically trigger emails, reminders, notifications and escalations - without missing a beat.

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How it works

Digitization of Forms

Integrate Everything

We bring together and unify all your systems - from recruitment to HCM, payroll, IT Helpdesk, vendor systems

Employee Document Collection

Downstream Automation

Automate Asset Allocation, Badging, Ops, ID creation, Provisioning and so much more.

Employee Data Routing

Data Notifications

You decide the Why.
Whether it’s IT, payroll, admin or an external vendor, you just need to tell us what data needs to be sent and when just once.

Data Sync

All your systems stay in sync with the right data at all times. It's like magic! 🦄

Escalations and Reminders

Reminders & Escalations

Send the right reminder and escalation when needed. No more need to follow up manually.

Workflows & Automations

Approval notifications and exception cases delivered to your manager and execs at just the right time over the right medium.

Insights and reports on case status, vendor performance

Easy Reporting Across Systems

Create data reports that are available for multiple stakeholders. And the beauty of it? Pick up data that has been pulled in from multiple systems.

Integrate & unify your onboarding

You will thank us for it! 

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