Personalize and leave no one behind.

Build an experience tailored to retain and engage your best talent. At Tydy we’re all about using data to create the perfect Employee Experience.

Content Management

Engage your employees with the right information at the right time. Guide them down the most efficient path to success with beautiful, customized content -across devices.

A tablet, phone, and tablet screen displaying the first day of school.
Surveys and checks

Surveys and pulse check

Run surveys at various stages of the employee lifecycle. Add pulse checks after key milestones and get contextual feedback as soon as it happens.

Gamified engagement

It's not about games. We use gamified engagement and techniques to prompt users to complete things on time and get to know each other through friendly competition.

A computer screen with a picture of a man and woman on it.

Timely introductions

Automate the process of "getting to know" your new hires. Give them context on their buddy, manager, HRBP and just about any one else.

Reminders and escalations

Collaboration just got super easy. Why follow up manually when you can set up reminders and escalations whenever needed throughout the employee journey.

A diagram of a team - product, design, fire types, senior designer,.

Targeting and segmentation

With Tydy you can create cohorts and segments of people that are guided through journeys based on their location, department, worklevel and just about any other data.

Engagement Analytics

With Tydy's analytics you get to see what content is working, in which locations and what use cases. So you can decide what needs to be updated and what needs to be canned. It's that simple.

Two screens showing the results of a survey.